Quik Park proposes new policy on payment

Quik Park, which operates the parking garages in STPCV, recently announced that customers would face a fee unless they enrolled in the online payment plan that automatically charges the monthly bill to a credit card or bank account, but Councilmember Dan Garodnick said his office has learned that this new policy will not be implemented.

Councilmember Garodnick sent a letter to StuyTown general manager Rick Hayduk and Quik Park CEO Rafael Llopiz on Wednesday regarding the new proposed policy, arguing that online payment would adversely affect the high senior population in STPCV. Garodnick noted that concerns about the proposed policy were especially high given that Quik Park had also increased its rates earlier this year.

Llopiz did not respond to a request for comment on the policy. Councilmember Garodnick’s letter to Llopiz and Hayduk is below.

Dear Mr. Llopiz and Mr. Hayduk:

I write today to ask that you reverse — or at least modify — the proposed online payment policy at the parking garages in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. Monthly garage customers received a letter in the mail last week informing them that, starting on March 1, they will face a fee unless they enroll in an online payment plan that automatically charges the monthly bill to a bank account or credit card.

As you know, Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village has a large and vibrant senior population, many of whom do not use computers, and I am certain that this new policy will adversely affect them. Offering an online payment mechanism is extremely useful for some garage users; for others, it is simply not an option.

I hope and expect that Quik Park will ensure that it continues to allow receipt of paper checks without penalty or consequence to those who continue to use that method, and that paper bills will continue to be sent to those who do not opt for the online option.

The concerns around the new policy are especially acute in light of the sudden price increases for monthly garage customers that were imposed earlier this year. I strongly urge Quik Park and STPCV property management to amend this policy so that it does not penalize the most vulnerable users.


Daniel R. Garodnick

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