Women’s march a sign of the times


By Sabina Mollot

On Saturday, marches were held in Washington, DC and in other cities, including New York, in midtown. Women, as well as men and children, packed behind barricades along Second Avenue in the East 40s before marching through the surrounding streets. Marchers came in all ages and ethnicities, and while women’s rights was the main theme, some participants also led chants calling for Muslim, black and LGBT rights. Meanwhile, although many elected officials were in attendance, the biggest stars of the show were the inventive signs carried by marchers, some of whom also donned knit “pussy hats” with cat ears. Many of the signs involved digs at the size of President Trump’s hands and comments he’s made about women as well as countless vagina puns.

A few included were: “Keep your tiny hands off my cuntry,” “Viva la Beaver,” “Vulva la Revolucion,” “Power: Snatch it back” and “Hey PeeOTUS, this is your pussy riot.”

See our gallery for some of the signs seen at the New York march.

Photos by Sabina Mollot


One thought on “Women’s march a sign of the times

  1. Can anyone please tell me in a rational manner just what all this was about? To me it was just a load of screeching women wearing ugly knitted hats preoccupied with their vaginas and just hating Donald Trump. Since being sworn in what ‘rights’ has the president taken away? I’m struggling to find any. Also why was George Soros apparently funding a lot of this? It seems a lot of these marchers were duped by this guy who’s stated aim is to bring America down.

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