Letters to the Editor, Feb. 9

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

‘Affordable housing’ not magic words

Re: Council candidate’s top priority is affordable housing,” T&V, Feb. 2

Reading and rereading Sabina Mollot’s interview with Councilwoman wannabe, Bessie Schachter, left me wondering if Mrs. Schachter is serious.  Of course her “top priority is affordable housing.”  It is also the top priority of tenants and landlords.

I found nothing of substance on the matter of affordable housing. If this sounds/looks excessively picky on my part, may I suggest to anyone thinking that, and certainly to anyone who wishes to replace Councilman Garodnick, they familiarize themselves with New York City’s own site on affordable housing. In particular take a look at the lottery application process that one must enter in order to secure an affordable place to live.  [NYC Connect: Steps to Apply: What to Expect: Your Guide To Affordable Housing] If after reading and rereading the six-column process it doesn’t dawn on a council aspirant that the process is a comic opera in which citizens have been assigned the role of The Fool, then please consider running for dog-catcher, or squirrel keeper; just have the decency to stay out of our lives!

There are of course other difficulties. Our area lost B and C bus service years ago. We are left with a less than reliable D and a soon to be overwhelmed A.  I say “soon to be overwhelmed” because I don’t see that our area is prepared for the numbers that will soon be upon us from the new apartments on 14th and C, along 14th between A and B, between A and First, and on A between 12th and 11th.

I should think that with such legal assaults on our way of life, those who crave Dan Garodnick’s seat would move beyond irrelevant autobiography pleasantries and requests for conversation.

John M. Giannone, ST

Trump opponents, unite

Re: Letter, “I wore red, white and blue on January 20,” T&V, Jan. 26

To the Editor:

During the campaign and after the election I struggled to listen to the Trump supporters and Hillary haters. I agreed with Obama’s words in his farewell address: “We have to pay attention and listen.” I felt the optimism in his words: “Hearts must change.” So I want to thank Jeannette Schuck for her letter stating the same old “alternative facts,” “truthful hyperbole,” and just plain old distortions, lies and bigotry that have been expressed throughout this past year.

In listening to many Trump supporters, I have heard the veiled bigotry and the dismissal or ignorance of facts. I’ve heard the fear fueled by hate. I’ve heard the intolerant views framed by narrow-minded righteousness.

No more.

For those of us feeling discouraged and saddened by the news, keep in mind that only 26 percent of eligible voters voted for Trump. The rest of us, the overwhelming majority of Americans, must defend our nation and resist the attacks on our ideals.

Protest. Volunteer. Donate money. Do what you can, support others, and work together.

We have to be our own Supermen and Superwomen fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Mary Garvey, ST

Not a consistent travel ban

To the Editor:

An Iraqi translator for our troops in Iraq, who was promised entry to America for risking his life to assist the US Army, cannot bring his family here now that President Trump has gone back on that promise. He and his family cannot enter the U.S. Yet people from Saudi Arabia, home of the 9/11 terrorists, and people from Pakistan, where Bin Laden had a hidden home, are allowed entry.

Also, people from Egypt and Turkey are welcome here as well as people from those European countries that have hidden terrorist cells such as the ones in Belgium and France.  Germany, which accepted over 600,000 migrants probably without proper vetting (which is how terrorists got into Belgium and France), is welcome to send people here. Trump welcomes people from these countries with open arms while denying admission to thousands of people who have been properly vetted by the UN High Commissioner for Refugee (4-10 months) and then by our Federal Intelligence and Security agencies (1-2 years).

To celebrate our new president’s policy, the Statue of Liberty with false eyelashes, bright red lipstick and extensive make-up should wear a red-white-blue bikini with a beauty-contest banner across her chest which reads “Welcome to Trump’s America!” and instead of a torch in her hand she should raise high a glass of Stolichnaya.

John Cappelletti, ST

I, too, wore black on January 20

I was appalled to read Jeannette Shuck’s letter in the January 26th edition (“I wore red, white and blue on Jan. 20”, a response to “Why I’ll be wearing black on Jan. 20,” T&V, Jan. 19). On a positive note, I commend you for signing your letter. It shows that you have the courage of your convictions. However, I can’t believe your characterization of the past eight years under the Obama administration. If you think he was imperialistic, how would you define Trump’s so far? I’d say he’s acting like a dictator!

You say that Obama destroyed our economy. Quite the contrary. He brought it back from the abyss that Bush created and managed to lower unemployment from 10 percent in October, 2009 to a mere 5 percent by the time he left office. Economic growth may not have been as strong as we would have liked it but considering everything that’s going on around the world, we did pretty darn well.

You talked about Hillary’s foundation but you failed to mention that the funds she raised support humanitarian efforts worldwide. In contrast, Trump excluded from his travel ban the Middle East countries where he does business. That’s a huge conflict of interest and we have not seen the end of it by the look of who he has picked to staff his cabinet (billionaires and tycoons).

You conclude your letter with a reference to the silent majority who “barely lived under Obama’s eight years.” You need to wake up and realize that you are part of silent minority and, I hope, a very small one at that. I want to believe that the people who elected Trump were blinded (and fooled) by his promises to make America great again.

I want to believe that they are fair minded, progressive, and compassionate; if not, God help us!

Alain Montour, PCV

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Feb. 9

    • Hah, I like it! As I think I mentioned previously, I had to give up on my party of over 30 years due to the corruption at the DNC, the election, and the aftermath. While I don’t agree with some of the things that Trump is doing, I can not relate to whiners. Trump is doing the exact things he said in his campaign, so these extravagant (and sometimes crazy) things should not come as a surprise. He is actually doing the things he says, which we aren’t used to with politicians.

      A few things I noticed from above:
      – Mary, if only 26% of eligible voters for Trump, that means only about 27% of eligible voters voted for Hillary, therefore you can not say that you are part of an overwhelming majority. The FACT is that we have no idea how the other 47% would have voted. Polls from CNN do not count in determining this completely unknown factor, and we have nobody to blame but that 47% that didn’t go out and vote.

      -Alain, take a look at this link from Forbes regarding the actual way to determine the unemployment rate. Personally I think the rate is completely meaningless, always has been and always will be. http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikepatton/2015/02/12/the-truth-behind-the-unemployment-rate/
      You also talk about Trump followers being a minority. In liberal cities like NYC and LA, this is absolutely true. In the rest of this country I’m afraid it is not.

      Personally I’m not impressed with the current state of either party, and I feel that the only way to save both parties is to do a total revamp. The fact that Trump won the election shows that people are fed up, and until we get fresh blood in both parties, things will continue down this path.

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