T&V asks teens about governor’s free CUNY tuition proposal

Interviews by Maya Rader

Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed making tuition free at CUNY and SUNY colleges for students with households earning under $125,000. Town & Village asked students at Clinton High School for Writers and Artists if this would impact where they choose to go to school.


George Weathers III
“I feel that I would probably want to stay in the city or the state rather than go outside and spend more money. My parent does not make over 125 thousand dollars, so I would want to get the free education.”


Brennan Balk
“I would stay in the city because it’s free college. And if it was good college I would stay even longer.”


Cleo Kromelow

“I plan on going to a private school because my parents went to private schools.”


Natalie Falcon
“That sounds really promising, but I don’t want to stay in New York because I want to explore.”

2 thoughts on “T&V asks teens about governor’s free CUNY tuition proposal

  1. As a former NYC resident I took advantage of a very affordable $24 per semester to obtain a Bachelors degree from Brooklyn College. I wholeheartedly support this proposal as it is an excellent opportunity to receive an excellent higher education at a great price!

  2. I, too, enjoyed the privilege of attending a CUNY college for $24 per semester back in 1970 – 72, as did my wife. We both later went on to get four year degrees (I in IT Services and she in Engineering) something neither of us could have ever afforded to do had it not been for the low cost of college for us. I am sure NYS and NYC got back every penny (and then some) they paid for us to attend college in the form of taxes over the last almost fifty years. At the very least, the first two years of college should be free. Those two years today are as necessary for job growth as a high school edication was fifty or sixty years ago.

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