Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Another argument against term limits

Re: “A Case Against Term Limits,” Politics & Tidbits column, T&V, Feb. 9

To the Editor,

Steve Sanders’ commendation of Hon. Dan Garodnick is well deserved. It would be better if Garodnick could serve without limits. But he chose the Council four years ago, not running for borough president, something he’d never do against Jessica Lappin. (They even held holiday parties together.)

Then Garodnick was bossed out of his bid for comptroller and then, as well, the speaker’s race.

I’m on his side despite his not running for State Senate, which would have given him an opportunity to snipe at any municipal office when time presented itself. But he wanted to be in NYC, not Albany, with his lovely wife and adorable boys.

Were Democrats in Manhattan organized, however, he would have been talked out of it (although it is agreed within Democratic circles that State Senator, Hon. Brad Hoylman, is doing a fine job). So now Garodnick is off cycle, like being a designated hitter in the National League. And he shouldn’t be on the bench.

Mr. Sanders, other than saying that we’d be better off with Garodnick, offers no explanation as to why Council term limits have been detrimental to us. A more convincing argument would have been the real reason: candidates are all rookies, chiefs of staffs, new club presidents, district leaders and state committee members. These candidates may be nice enough but haven’t been around the block. Why aren’t the veteran district leaders pursuing the job? I can think of one leader who’d fit in.  But in 2018, the Council will be divided between those who have served four years and those who haven’t served at all. And after their terms expire, they’ll scramble for county or citywide jobs.  Maybe Garodnick should, like a super delegate, be Super East Side Leader — from Yorkville to the L.E.S. — for the next four years, keeping him visible and in charge. He’s got the temperament, the smarts and the resume to oversee the young ‘uns.  After that, he’d be a favorite for the office of his choice.

Bill Sternberg, ST

The fight for fifteen… cents

Re: “Feeling left out to dry,” letter, T&V, Jan. 26

It is astonishing what Stuy Town residents can find to be unhappy about.

Wholly apart from older residents’ frustration that the young people here no longer play stick ball, dare to walk (and tan!) on the Oval, and indeed, even like to ice skate (!), the characterization of a fifteen cent increase in washer and dryer prices is characterized as “shocking” and “sneaky.”

The letters to the editor are so ridiculous that they frequently look like they were written by The Onion.

I’m 62 years old. I pray that I never get so old and crotchety that I take offense in a 15¢ increase that “catches tenants unprepared.” Seriously.

Robert E. Beacham

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

  1. Ahhh Billy, I’m going to keep my words on Garodnick to a minimum since anyone who reads these blogs knows how I feel, and I want to address some other things you bring up.

    My little blurb on Dan. I do agree that he’s in a crappy cycle, but it’s no different now than it was in 2005, 2009, and 2013. He should have been gone in 2013, but he luckily fit in where the term limits were extended between 2008 and 2010.

    On to the other things you talk about. The Democratic party is having some problems nationwide, but to say that Democrats are not organized in Manhattan is laughable. If there is a place where democrats are organized, it’s a liberal haven like NYC and the other big cities in this country. City Council is currently 48 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Not sure how much more organized you are looking for.

    Your thinking in this post is why Donald Trump is now president. A Clinton or Bush has been in office for 20 of the last 28 years, and if Hillary had won, it would have likely been 28 out of 36 years. People are sick of the status quo and proffesional politicians, whether it’s in Washington, Albany, or NYC.

    I do agree that many people start their political careers in City Council, so there may be some inexperience, but there is a learning curve for everything in life. First term council members get mentored by second term council members. It keeps fresh blood and ideas coming through the ranks.

    If you look at someone like Dan, he was great early, but has seemingly lost his focus and has become a shill for REBNY. Just Google Dan Garodnick Rebny, and articles will tell you point blank that his initial rocky relationship with rebny gradually got better over the years, which is not good for his constituents. I don’t even want to know where we would be with 4 more years of Dan.

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