Teen arrested in connection with attempted sexual assault of woman in Stuy Town

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Stuyvesant Town (photo by Sabina Mollot)

UPDATE: Police have filed charges of attempted rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse, burglary against the suspect, identified as Aaron Kish of Piscataway, New Jersey. Police didn’t have information on if the victim was injured, although she had been taken to the hospital for treatment and observation and police said there was a “physical confrontation.” Police also said Kish has been arrested before though it wasn’t clear how many times or what the charges were. In the alleged assault, he suffered some facial injuries when the victim fought back.

By Sabina Mollot

Police have arrested a 17-year-old who’s suspected of trying to sexually assault a woman inside the vestibule of her building in Stuyvesant Town.

Police said that at around 4:45 a.m. the victim, a 22-year-old woman, was walking into her building when the suspect entered the vestibule behind her. He then started talking to her before pulling off her clothes and trying to sexually assault her. At that point, a resident of the building came into the vestibule, and the attacker fled.

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Later, the suspect was identified by police at Beth Israel, where he’d been taken after being found unconscious in front of 17 Park Avenue South. The hospital had reported him as a sick, unaccompanied minor, but police officers recognized him in connection with the earlier incident.

Police declined to release his name, explaining that this was because charges against the teen are pending.

The New York Post, who first reported on the attack, said it occurred at 628 East 20th Street.

In an email sent out on Sunday morning, StuyTown Property Services confirmed that this address was a crime scene, and asked residents to use the T level entrance until the investigation was complete.

“The PCVST Public Safety Department will continue to assist NYPD with the investigation,” General Manager Rick Hayduk said in the email. “The safety and security of residents and guests of PCVST is our main concern and as such increased coverage will be dispatched. We’re further grateful for the diligent and swift work of the 13th Precinct while our thoughts continue to be with the victim.”

6 thoughts on “Teen arrested in connection with attempted sexual assault of woman in Stuy Town

  1. If we had a competent TA, they would have already let us know the steps they plan to take to make sure management gets this security issue resolved. And yes, it’s a major major issue with the new demographic of young partiers.

    I’m guessing we will hear crickets, or a generic statement with no action.

    • If we had a competent TA, they’d hand out news clippings of this event in front of the leasing office.

      By tomorrow, I’m sure the sales reps will continue to tout PCVST’s “award winning” security apparatus, and assuring potential renters that nothing bad ever goes down here.

  2. Where was Stuyvesant town security? They love to preach how safe it is the love there. Wht is the point of video cameras if no one is watching them???

  3. After the last attack and beating in the lobby over the summer Rick Hayduck said he was upping security. A ten minute attack in a lobby with security cameras everywhere . Who wasn’t doing their job? Security needs to actually watch the monitors. They sure look impressive but it is all useless the fact no one is watching them. So many attacks since new owners.when you call for answers they have none. I was even told we have over 100 cameras so it is hard to watch them all! Wow! Hire more people

    • Did this attack you commented on happen in Stuytown?
      I notice I don’t ever hear of assaults occurring in Peter Cooper.
      Better security?

  4. I find in curious that these assualts seems to only occur in Stuytown NOT Peter Cooper.
    Why is that????

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