Teen who allegedly tried to rape Stuy Town woman hit with attempted murder charge

Stuyvesant Town (photo by Sabina Mollot)

Stuyvesant Town (photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

A 17-year-old arrested for the attempted rape of a woman in her building in Stuyvesant Town has also been charged with attempted murder.

The alleged attacker, Aaron Kish, was arraigned on Monday night, after police said he admitted he wanted to snap the 22-year-old victim’s neck as she struggled to get away.

According to the criminal complaint, Kish followed the woman as she entered her building vestibule early Sunday morning and grabbed her from behind. She was then pushed against a wall and forced to the floor, police said, before Kish got her in a chokehold and pulled her dress and underwear off.

The victim tried repeatedly to scream for help, while Kish allegedly groped her and told her, “Let me finish I’ll let you go” and also warned her if she fought him, “it will only get worse.” The victim fought back anyway, and managed to elbow and punch Kish, he later told police, according to the complaint. At that point, a neighbor came up to the vestibule and saw the woman naked and Kish with his pants down and said he was calling police. Kish then ran off with some scratches while the victim was left with a bloody lip, pain in her neck and abrasions on her back.

Kish, of Piscataway, New Jersey, has also been charged with attempted rape, attempted criminal sexual act, sexual abuse and assault as a sexually motivated felony.

After the attack, Kish was found unconscious in front of a building on Park Avenue South and taken to Beth Israel Medical Center. The hospital reported him as an unaccompanied minor but when police showed up, officers recognized him from the earlier incident based on surveillance footage from the building in Stuy Town, 628 East 20th Street.

He’s being represented by Martin Lafalce of Legal Aid Society, who, the Daily News reported, had attempted to argue to a judge on Monday that Kish shouldn’t be charged with attempted murder because he has a low IQ, around 70, meaning he has “borderline intellectual function.”

His next court appearance is scheduled for Friday and he is in custody without bail.

We’ve reached out to LaFalce and will update this story if we hear back.


8 thoughts on “Teen who allegedly tried to rape Stuy Town woman hit with attempted murder charge

  1. Where was security? Who was watching the cameras? Clearly no one. Stuytown is having too many attacks in the lobby’s. Do your job security! I feel less and less safe living here.

    • Very good and legitimate question Sara. Maybe as the lawsuits against pile up, Blackstone will be forced to revamp everything about security. New, fresh blood would be a good start.

  2. Rape is a horrible crime and usually causes
    Mental anquish to the victim that lasts a lifetime.
    The question is why is this happening so frequently and whether the death penalty
    Should be considered?

    • What about the fact someone should have been watching the security camera’s . The fact it went on for ten minutes is horrific. It is impressive to walk by the security area to see all the camera’s. Now we know they are totally useless and the security is a joke.

      • They were asleep on the job, which they have been since 2006 when MetLife sold this place and McClellan took over as head of security.

        Nothing will happen though. Everyone’s job is safe and they will continue operating like nothing happened.

  3. This is beyond horrible. It is absolutely sickening. That young lady will be in pain for a long time after her physical injuries have healed. It is heartbreaking to read what she had to endure.

    I hope they lock up that loathsome POS and throw away the key.

  4. Query:
    The suspect is from New Jersey. What was he doing in Manhattan?
    And what, specifically, led him to this very much out-of-the-way corner of Stuyvesant Town?

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