Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

Before my neighbor flew the coop



Re: “Hawks ruling the roost in ST,” T&V, Feb. 16

I live in Kips Bay Court (29th Street between First and Second Avenues), not too far from Stuyvesant Town, so I read your article about your resident hawks with great interest.

Just exactly a year ago, a hawk took up residence on a lamppost outside my window, and stayed for several weeks.

He had a good spot to survey the area for “food” and must have been getting good meals because he kept coming back! Needless to say, during his residence there were no pigeons to be seen – they were scared away (except for one unfortunate pigeon I did see end up as dinner).

I named him Cooper because by researching websites I thought he might be a Cooper’s Hawk, but that was only a guess from the drawings on the sites.

I was very disappointed when he left for good. The pigeons eventually returned (not right away, it took them a while to be sure he wasn’t coming back) and everything outside my window has returned to normal, but I do miss seeing him there, so majestic and beautiful!

Audrey Goffin

Offering cell phone service to a ‘T’

It is hard to believe that in 2017 good usable cellular services are not a given everywhere in NYC. Most T&V readers that live on the interior of PCV-ST surely feel this pain if they subscribe to Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Up until two weeks ago, I was resigned to deal with poor service in PCV-ST too. That is until, as a last resort, I walked into the T-Mobile store at 322 First Ave at 19th Street, next door to Ess-a-Bagel.

I must say that I was a bit hesitant, as the store often seems rather quiet having lost some business to the fast paced corporate owned store on the corner of 14th Street and 1st Avenue. But the easygoing pace proved beneficial as the friendly employees had time to answer all my questions. Of course, my first question was whether the T-Mobile reception in PCV-ST was any good. I was surprised when the manager said that they don’t hear many complaints and that they haven’t since T-Mobile installed cellular antennas within PCV-ST as part of an agreement with prior management.

So, I switched carriers once again, and I couldn’t be happier. T-Mobile service is impressively good within PCV-ST and even more so in and around New York City. My calls are reliable and the LTE data rates are eye opening. And T-Mobile’s new honest pricing plan is the best in the business. No hidden charges and good value for a good price.

On top of the benefits of the T-Mobile service, it’s great to have a local store. I was amazed at the focused customer service that I received but also witnessed while I was in the store. In particular, there were some elderly customers that were not so tech savvy, and the staff treated them with the utmost kindness and patience.

I urge all readers to stop in and have a chat with the staff and applaud them for being a terrific service-oriented neighborhood business that can provide a terrific product.

Chris P., PCV

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

  1. you had a beautiful visitor. i know grumpy people will complain about an ant. enjoy nature in our concrete jungle.

  2. Maybe Cooper found a mate and they built a nest together and he has found another lucrative spot to stock the larder.

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