Man in jail for assaulting his mother in her Stuyvesant Town apartment

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A 48-year-old Stuyvesant Town man arrested for assaulting his mother is currently in jail for the crime, Deputy Inspector Brendan Timoney reported at a meeting of the 13th Precinct Community Council on Tuesday.

Timoney, the commanding officer of the precinct, noted at the meeting that police were aware of the man’s abuse of his mother prior to the arrest but he was finally caught after he assaulted her in her Stuyvesant Town apartment.

As Town & Village previously reported, the man was arrested on February 5 and police said that the suspect punched his 76-year-old mother in the face repeatedly. At the time, the victim also told police that her son turned off the oxygen on her breathing machine multiple times on a daily basis. The suspect’s name was withheld to protect the privacy of the victim.

Timoney noted that the victim has another son who was also arrested for abusing her and sprayed Lysol in her face in 2015, and both sons have a history of taking advantage of her and physically and mentally abusing her.

Timoney added that the son who was most recently arrested was previously arrested for robbery.

4 thoughts on “Man in jail for assaulting his mother in her Stuyvesant Town apartment

  1. That is diabolical behavior. That poor woman must live in absolute terror of her own sociopathic offspring. Too bad those “sons” didn’t die at birth.

  2. That story made me feel physically sick. I hope the poor lady is given permanent protection from those things she gave birth to.

    • Completely agree! For two sons to abuse their mother is just plain crazy to me, even if they come up with some story of a rough upbringing (which they haven’t). What happened to the days of never laying a hand on a woman?

      • An old lady who has to use an oxygen mask and the POS she brought into the world would terrorize her by shutting it off several times a day. That should be upgraded to attempted murder. What a litter of vermin that poor woman brought forth. I wonder if their father was an abuser? Sociopathy does run in some families.

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