StuyTown to offer self-defense classes after attempted rape

Stuyvesant Town (photo by Sabina Mollot)

Stuyvesant Town (photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

StuyTown Property Services will be offering self-defense courses to residents in the wake of the sexual assault in Stuyvesant Town early last Sunday morning, and the management has installed new lighting along the 14th Street corridor. General Manager Rick Hayduk made the announcements in an emailed newsletter to residents on Thursday night.

In addition to new lighting, Hayduk noted that perimeter lighting, particular along Avenue C, as well as interior lighting, is currently being reviewed. SPS will also be working with security consultants to identify areas where new and additional equipment should be placed, including improvements to the configuration of the surveillance system, since the assault on Sunday was not fully visible to the property’s security cameras.

The newsletter also alerted residents to the resources available on how to stay safe at night, including the emergency phone and video stations, which are illuminated with blue lights and are connected to Public Safety, the “Security” buttons on building intercoms inside the vestibules and on the exterior walls of the Terrace in Stuy Town and Lower Level Peter Cooper Village entrances, and officers wearing fluorescent vests patrol the property 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Officers are also available to escort residents to their buildings late at night, the email said. Residents can have cab drivers drop them off at the security booth at First Avenue and East 22nd Street for Peter Cooper Village residents and the Command Center at 2 Stuyvesant Oval for Stuy Town residents and officer escorts are available 24 hours a day.

Information about the self-defense classes, including details on the location, class size and how to sign up, will be available next week.

6 thoughts on “StuyTown to offer self-defense classes after attempted rape

  1. I love how Rick has to make a point saying the ten minute sexual assault was not fully visable? How much did the security person need to see? A woman and man half naked fighting and being sexually assaulted for ten minutes. What else could the “security” possible thought was going on to say. “No that isn’t worth checking out” This is insulting. And Rick keeps talking about more security camera and stations. That has not and will not help an attack. When is is going to see that he actually has to spend money and get real security to do something. STop blaming the residence and actually spend money to make this place safe.

  2. Like many many people are saying on the Stuy Town Reporter blog, can this really be serious? Like Will Ferrell said in Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

    How about Rick does the easy thing, hire more (and new/younger) security guards?? Why are they wasting money on a self defense class, which is pointless unless it’s a 10-pack of classes, and security consultants? None of these things would be necessary if there were more guards that actually did their job.

    • You are 100 percent correct. I guess we need to make this clear. RICK, YOU NEED TO HIRE REAL SECURITY GUARDS. NOT MORE CAMERAS, NOT MORE EMERGENCY CALL STATIONS. SECURITY. Will you be replacing those laughable solar lights that don’t work on the Ave C loop? And they actually raised me rent with all this going on. WE TENANTS MUST STOP THIS. PROTEST MARCH SEEMS TO BE A GOOD IDEA. MAKE HIM ANSWER QUESTIONS.

    • Also, he admitted that the assault was not fully visible to the property’s security cameras. Anyone who skims past this very telling line from Rick misses a major thing, and that is that the cameras did have some visibility to the attack. The statement that it was not FULLY visible means that the review of the tape did show some of the attack, and the officers on duty were asleep at the wheel. This attack falls on their shoulders as well as Bill McClellan and Rick himself.

      On another note, Rick’s cheerleader of young mom’s on the TA Facebook page is sickening. They are applauding this email from Rick, but I guarantee if it happened to one of them or someone they knew, they would be up in arms wondering why things were allowed to get this bad and that the email was too little too late. I don’t have blinders on like they do and I can see through the fluff of his email, and there is plenty of it, like the fully visible statement.

  3. Maybe Blackstone should give every leaseholder a free gun to protect themselves. That would be smarter than ridiculous self defense lessons. At least that way a much smaller person wouldn’t get beaten worse by trying to fight back against a much more powerful person because they think their self defense class stuff actually works.

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