Opinion: Some Trump in us all

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

Okay, before we all get high and mighty about Donald Trump’s erratic and unpredictable behavior, let’s admit there is a little bit of Trump in all of us.

Have you ever lost an argument on the facts and refused to admit it? Have you ever tried to prop yourself up with assumptions of greatness based on vanity? Have you ever been caught in a lie and refused to acknowledge it? Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum or have been needlessly nasty with some person? I plead guilty to all of the above. How about you?

The difference is that the president of the United States does not have the luxury of such shallowness and self-absorption, and certainly not on an ongoing basis. The consequences can be terrifying. It is immature, but more to the point such mercurial unsteadiness is dangerous.

With age and experience comes some degree of wisdom, introspection and hopefully compassion. Adolescent children and especially teenagers can be mean spirited, cruel and impulsive. But most outgrow such juvenile traits over time and evolve into better selves from a life of successes and disappointments.

But President Donald Trump has shown no such personal growth or predilection beyond the immediacy of his ego gratification and seemingly obsessive need to be boss and always right.

Last week alone, Trump lied about his campaign’s contact with Russian operatives and blamed the “dishonest news media” for reporting the story, which resulted in the dismissal of his senior intelligence advisor, General Michael Flynn. Trump can never admit to mistakes or own up to failures. This is a serious psychological flaw in any adult, but deadly for a president. For Trump’s fragile ego, every setback or error, every criticism of him is attributed to either the system being rigged against him or somehow “fake.” This reply has become his mantra.

In President Kennedy’s first months in office he made a colossal blunder in approving the Bay of Pigs invasion but not protecting the Cuban freedom fighters who tried to initiate an insurgency against the Castro regime. The reneging of U.S. military support, as promised, resulted in the capture of hundreds of Cuban nationals and the death of dozens.

Kennedy owned up to that mistake and accepted full responsibility, and arguably learned from it. That is what a mature and confident presidents does. It’s President’s Week and these are things that we should think about.

At one time or the other, all of us behave irrationally, dishonestly or petulantly… just not all the time, and not for all our lives.

7 thoughts on “Opinion: Some Trump in us all

  1. I’ll plead guilty to all of the above! Many times, many, many times! Fortunately, I don’t hold the nuclear codes, have the power to hire and fire cabinet members, issue edicts that destroy peoples lives, destroy the planet and bring us all to Armageddon.

    Please, people who can, please impeach or invoke the 25th Amendment to remove this deranged gentleman before he does irreparable harm to all of us on this planet and the planet itself. He is clearly mentally ill and it is a crime to cater to him and pander to him and let him continue on his destructive path. He is like a toad who looks in the mirror and sees a prince. He can’t help it, but he should not be allowed to continue. I believe he is being used and abused (and we are all being abused) by evil people in his inner circle and they are people who nobody elected. They must have flattered Trump to the point where he had no choice but to surround himself with them.

    Although I voted for Clinton, I would happily accept a Republican president, so long as it was a sane one. This guy is an embarrassment to the United States, as well as a danger.

    I hope the Gestapo don’t come aknocking on my door!

    • All of what you wrote is ONLY your whiny baby opinion. The majority of us in the US love this president and will gladly stand up for him. He has been working non-stop to keep ALL of his promises which is a lot more than any of the other presidents have done.
      Everyone who CONSTANTLY puts this president down is nothing but a whiny brat who did not get their way! Give it up already. All your crappy comments are not going to change the fact that you just did not get your way and you are constantly crying about it. Enough already.

  2. Hey Saul Alinsky, only idiot liberals will believe you if you keep repeating the same lie over and over again. It will not make it the truth. Dolt!

  3. Why is it that some people think that Trump should be impeached because they don’t like him, or because he is doing the things he said he would do, which is unlike almost all recent presidents.

    Please come back to us when Trump actually commits an offense that warrants impeachment, and repealing Obamacare or deporting illegal criminals are not impeachable offenses.

    • I heard the President gave a great speech last night.
      Even some liberals were impressed. Now maybe they will stop their crying!

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