Letters to the editor, Mar. 2

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Here’s where you can go

To the Editor,

I entered the First Avenue Loop at 16th Street on Sunday January 29 at around 9:30 p.m. carrying a jug of water and an Artichoke Pizza box. Walking north to south by the benches at the west end of Playground 9, I spotted a dog anxiously jumping at its master.

As I got closer I saw that the master was speaking with a young woman who, for all I knew, was his companion. But when they parted ways, the woman approached me, “Excuse me. Do you know were 20 Stuyvesant Oval is?”

I said, “You’re going the wrong way.”

She’d walked full tilt toward the Senior Center. I pondered leaving her to her own devices but realized I wasn’t the most articulate and she could have gotten lost for a month.

I called out to her and said, “No. The other wrong way;” that the even numbers were on the far side of the Oval. I was directing her so that she wouldn’t make a wrong turn at the next playground when, instead of thanking me, she cut me off rudely, “Ok. Ok. Ok,” like Pee Wee Herman.

But two things were at work: she didn’t know where she was going and she didn’t know where I was going. So when she rushed ahead, she stopped in front of my building, examining a pole banner as if it offered directions. I thought, she was going to pull out a can of Mace as I approached my front door. (As if I’d prioritize her over my artichoke slice.)

But the cadence of her dismissal actually reminded me of a wise guy I once knew. So I resisted the urge to insult her and just thought, she’ll never find it.

Despite our new signage, PCV-ST can be an easy place to get lost.  But why was she bothering me? Where was her cell phone? Where were her hosts in 20 Oval to meet her at the fountain, say? More important, I realized, she was politer with the person who couldn’t help her than the one who was setting her straight.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Thanks for digging us out

This is a letter of praise and thanks to the management of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper for their excellent management of the recent blizzard.

The people were out working at 4 a.m. to get ahead of the sleet. By the next day, our sidewalks were clear — clean as a whistle. Even the real danger spot on the northeast side of 14th Street the service road was inches deep in ice, which was being chopped by hand and melting sand applied. Surely ours were the safest streets in the city!

Catha Grace Rambusch, ST

Demonstrating gross judgment

I am 80 years old. I thought I had seen everything shocking in the world until I saw the pictures of the demonstrators in the January 26 issue of Town & Village. They were indecent, disgusting, immoral and of course shocking.

I am totally ashamed of this newspaper. How dare you!

Ruth Cummings, ST

Thank you, Mr. Trump!

Donald conducted a totally unorthodox campaign which was brilliant. He was able to tap into the dissatisfaction and malaise of about 35 percent of the electorate with simple promises, lacking even a modicum of substance.  His mantra was “Make America Great Again.”

He insulted both parties, the press, John McCain, a disabled NYT reporter, a judge born here of Mexican heritage; as he descended the escalator in his tower referring to those south of the border as rapists, insulted a Muslim Gold Star Family… well… I could go on.

But he knew nothing about the Constitution, and the three co-equal parts of government. So many lies (estimated at over 70 percent of his comments)… The serious press didn’t know how to respond.

Then he dueled with “lock her up” Hillary. The Dems thought he was easy pickings.  She was always ahead in the national polls. And though she won by three million votes – the Electorate College elected Trump.

Kellyanne Conway was the perfect media go between – always spinning, deflecting, and avoiding difficult questions.

Then, enter Stephan Bannon racist editor of Breitbart News. Delusional and wanting to destroy all of the present order with his apocalyptic vision.  He became Donald’s brain – since Trump knew nothing of substance.

There have been massive demonstrations against the reality TV star all around the nation and world by disparate groups. Blacks, Hispanics, gays, Muslims, Jews… as all realized that “the Donald” was a true aberrant, sadistic, egomaniacal monster, and an existential threat to our nation and the entire world.

Millions wanted him to go. So, now people with quite different agendas became one binding coalition. This coalition now has the capacity to support each other, and bring on positive changes which can revolutionize this nation, and deal with its many problems.

So, thank you Mr. Trump!

David Chowes, PCV

9 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Mar. 2

  1. About the old biddies, ‘ashamed of demonstrators’ — probably sitting in their bargain-priced apartments that they’ll leave to their kids who DON’T deserve them, whilst snipping their coupons and collecting Social Security and Medicare benefits that many people will never see – I hope that someone tells them that they have all these benefits BECAUSE of demonstrators!!!!

    I’m ashamed that this paper publishes their trash.

    • Why don’t the kids that grew up here deserve to take over the apartments that they grew up in? Is it because you are paying through the roof for your apartment?

      If they have done things legally, then they DO deserve to take over the apartment that their parents are in. I do agree that the lady’s rant was over the edge, but so was your response.

    • Sounds like jealousy and a touch of ‘roid rage! The lady who complained was ridiculous, but you were just nasty and insulting.

  2. Re: Chowes letter…

    Actually, Steve Bannon and Russian dictator Putin are using “the Donald” to destroy Western democratic civilizations … and, that the Washington Post and other media outlets have labeled (in a positive manner) that Trump’s address to a joint session of the Congress was “preisidential” … WOWl

    For God’s sake he is the president!

    • Exactly! David speaks as though he is speaking for everyone in this country. Every day it is something new with this group that insists that the masses want him gone.

      When will enough be enough and they just shut up and go away?

  3. Surely ours were the safest streets in the city!

    Interesting as I found it to be the exact opposite. The only place I had trouble walking was In PCVST as the roller brush vehicle they used polished the ice and snow and made the sidewalk twice as slippery as the streets outside PCVST.

    • I agree, I do believe they meant well with the snow removal, and the workers were busting their rear-ends, but those brush machines make the pathways more slick than the ice at Madison square garden.

      I usually don’t have any issues with traction because of the boots I own, but I had to walk in the actual snow in order to not kill myself. I don’t want this to seem like I’m complaining, because I do appreciate what they all did during the storm, I just wish there was a solution for that machine to clear the snow and not leave a layer of ice in its path.

      Any ideas that can be passed to Rick?

      • I have nothing but respect for the hard work done by those keeping the sidewalks clear. However, if management is going to use the brush thing they should follow directly behind with salt or sand so people can get a foothold. I too ended up walking on the snow as opposed to the cleaned sidewalk.

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