Teens: This presidential election made us pay attention to politics

Interviews and photos by Maya Rader

This week, Town & Village asked teens in the neighborhood if this presidential election has made them care about politics more or less. All the individuals we interviewed said it definitely piqued their interest.

mar2-maya-annia-gimanAnnie Giman
“I think the election overall made me care a lot more. Going to a public school in New York, I’ve been exposed to a lot more situations than the average kid has. I’ve had kids coming up to me after the election saying they were scared for themselves and their families getting deported. In 2012, I was only 11 so I didn’t really care as much, so to kind of be aware, especially with the caliber of this election, has really been interesting, and it’s kind of driven me to not only care but to get more involved and to really try to make a difference, since I can’t actually vote.”

mar2-maya-taylorTaylor Barr
“I guess a little bit more, but I’ve always been interested. I’ve been hearing about politics since the day I was born, but this is, I guess, the most interesting presidential election.”

mar2-maya-rudraRudra Shultz-Ray
“A little more about politics because now I’m realizing that next election I’m going to have to vote, going to have to actually get my views out there and try to make a difference.”

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