Letters to the Editor, Mar. 9

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

New Yorkers for immigrant rights

To the editor,

Today, some of our worst fears are fast becoming reality. In his first days in office, President Trump signed orders attacking women’s rights and environmental protections, and moved to restrict entry to the United States from majority Muslim countries and ban Syrian refugees. He also targeted sanctuary cities like New York City.

The Workmen’s Circle was founded by immigrants who arrived in the early 1900s in a United States that was not always welcoming to them. They had to fight for fair paying jobs, safe working conditions, decent housing, education and adequate healthcare, and the Workmen’s Circle responded by organizing activist communities to successfully work for a better world for all. Many of these same rights are now under attack, and we again pledge to organize and empower communities to fight back.

In New York City, we joined a Vigil with the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY), one of a number of rallies across the country. The presence of so many New Yorkers from diverse communities sent a strong message of support for Muslim and immigrant rights.

The landscape ahead will be one of rollbacks to civil liberties and human rights. Here in New York, we can continue to show the country – and world – that we will stand strong against such hate and intolerance.

Ann Toback
Executive Director
The Workmen’s Circle

The Workmen’s Circle is a Jewish educational and social justice organization based out of 247 West 37th Street.

Just plain crazy

It has been said that “The Donald” is crazy like a fox. Now following his tweet rant in which he accused President Obama of having wiretapped into his tower phone, methinks that the use of the fox simile is inappropriate. It’s clear to me that Trump is quite severely psychiatrically impaired and very dangerous.

On Saturday morning, he also insulted Arnold Schwarzenegger for having low ratings on “The Apprentice.” Is this behavior compatible with the president and this country?

David Chowes, PCV

TA is right on security presence

Re: “TA: More boots on the ground needed, better lighting,” T&V, Mar. 2

I couldn’t agree more with the suggestions made by Susan Steinberg to enhance the safety of our complex.  Her suggestion that what is needed is “a seriously enlarged force of on-foot public safety personnel and more small vehicles always on the move” is right on.

Her further suggestion that the public safety booths on the perimeters of ST/PCV should be manned and lit at night makes good sense. Why not use what we already have?

Ronda Gelb, PCV

Predator alert

Re: “Stuy Town woman attacked in apartment,” T&V, Feb. 9

By no means do I wish to sound prudish but I just have to comment on the lead story in T&V.

That a 52-year old woman, drunk, brings three unknown guys to her apartment after midnight and does not grasp the possibility of getting raped, beaten up or murdered indicates that she is not very bright. She was extremely lucky that the guys left when they did rather than causing serious injury or worse.

I, in my wild youth and after, made some truly dumb decisions and escaped alive but she is no spring chicken.

Take my advice, lady, never take a strange man (let alone three) back to your apartment when you are not totally clear-headed. There be dragons!

Harriet Sohmers
Zwerling, ST

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