Homeless man arrested for violent Kips Bay mugging

Darnell Williams

By Sabina Mollot

A homeless man from the 30th Street men’s shelter has been arrested for allegedly bashing a woman over the head with an unknown object multiple times in an attempt to get her bag.

Police say Darnell Williams, 29, was picked up at the shelter, known locally as Bellevue, on Thursday night, after being recognized by police from surveillance footage.

Cops said Williams has a lengthy criminal history and was released from prison two months ago after a five year stint for a robbery upstate.

He also has arrests for grand larceny in upstate areas as well as an arrest for criminal trespass in the city.

In the most recent incident, on February 26, the victim, a 37-year-old woman was walking along Second Avenue at 34th Street when a man approached her from behind and struck her on the head. He then pulled on her bag, knocking her down in the process. While the victim was still on the ground, her attacker continued to hit her in the head with the object before fleeing empty-handed. The woman was taken to NYU Hospital for treatment.

Williams has been charged with attempted robbery, assault and grand larceny.

In 2015, the Department of Homeless Services, which oversees the 30th Street shelter, said the shelter would start taking in only employed or employable men.

We reached out to the DHS and will update this story if we hear back.


2 thoughts on “Homeless man arrested for violent Kips Bay mugging

  1. This is becoming a weekly thing regarding the occupants of the men’s shelter. Obviously there are some very dangerous men living in here, and the neighborhood is not safe with the shelter there.

    I don’t want to seem cold hearted because these men have fallen on tough times, but This is one instance where I wouldn’t mind if the building was torn down and something new was built in that spot.

  2. The only reason we know that there are sex offenders in the shelter is Megan’s Law, which requires the state to maintain a registry of such offenders.

    But violent felony offenders? NO PROBLEM!!! We can keep them in Bellevue in a residential district with helpless, unarmed, residents for every misanthropic, vicious, felony offender to prey.upon.

    And let’s hear it for the parole board, New York’s judges, and Mayor de Blasio! Without them, we wouldn’t have the privilege of hosting paroled violent felons in our fair city from (god only knows where) who have a “right” to shelter (thanks to our judiciary) and, because of Mayor deBlasio, a “right” to have their violent criminal behavior kept secret from their fellow shelter residents and neighborhood residents. According to the mayor, shelter residents can’t even be checked to see if they have open warrants because doing so might inhibit their seeking shelter services, thereby denying their “right” to shelter (which, I’m sure, could be readily provided, free of charge, at Riker’s Island if only we had a mayor who wasn’t an out-of-his-mind radical Leftist ideologue.) .

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