Letters to the Editor, Mar. 16

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

NYC homeless losing resources to others

Perhaps if any of our esteemed local representatives took the time to chat with some of the younger homeless, as I have, you/they would discover (as I did), that most of the people, aged 16-40, come from other states, as close as NJ and as far away as the Dakotas!

That being said, I do believe that NY State and City residents should help the homeless, but help our citizens first. There must be a law somewhere, or one that could be written and introduced that would give preferential treatment to NYC citizens out of our NYC taxes, and possibly even send these young, able-bodied (but mostly alcohol or drug-addled) men and women back to the state they came from, and let those tax payers take care of their own. You could start by asking for any kind of identification before giving them services such as food stamps, housing, etc.

The other big burden we share are the many single teenaged mothers, most of whom have live-in boyfriends, but don’t marry because the men don’t want to share the responsibility or the rent.

If any of our powers that be would walk First Avenue from 23rd Street to 32nd Street, near the men’s shelter, methadone clinics, outpatients at Bellevue or go from First Avenue to 10th Avenue, along any of the main crosstown streets, or any place where there are restaurants or storefronts on the avenues south of 50th Street, you will see hundreds of panhandlers, barely out of their teens, with signs begging for money.  The cardboard signs say all kinds of things to gain sympathy, and a cup at their feet for donations.

I am a life-long Democrat, as is my entire family, some of whom were active in politics. However, I think that the Democrats, in particular Mayor De Blasio, are ruining our city.  I hope he and Governor Cuomo read the above and do something about it!

Barbara Zapson, PCV

Great Fall

Trumpty Dumpty promised a Wall.
But the cost was too Great Again.
This led to his fall.
All Trumpty’s money and all Trumpty’s men
Couldn’t keep Trumpty in office. Amen!

John Cappelletti, ST


5 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Mar. 16

  1. Barbara Zapson, I am sick of seeing those able-bodied young men (and women) who are known as “crusties” sitting around with their cardboard signs and some poor dog as a prop. I suspect that they are from out of state and I object to any of my tax dollars going to them. They always have money for pot and booze. I feel sorry for their unfortunate dogs, but not for them.

    I agree with what you say about the teenaged single mothers. They should use contraception or keep their legs together.

  2. I think it’s time for all these Trump opposers need to move to Canada or Mexico. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says and does, but these constant complainers are just making their party look pathetic.

  3. We had to listen to Obama haters bitching and whining for 8 years. Now it’s our turn, so suck it up.

    • As I’ve said before, I was a democrat and voted for Obama both times. I don’t agree with everything he did, but overall I was happy with his performance. The antics of the DNC and subsequently by members of the Democratic Party have soured me, and many others that I know.

      With that being said, in no way were Obama haters anywhere near the level that the Trump haters are. The hate that you guys are showing is actually quite disgusting, thus going back what I said, move to Canada.

  4. Just saw your comment, Steve. I think the Trump haters are the popular vote voters who lost to the antiquated Electoral College set-up. If we hate Trump it is not because he is a Republican, but because he is such vile person who is mentally unstable and has surrounded himself with fascist alt-right people who will, if they can get away with it, destroy the lives of millions of people and will destroy the planet as well. A true Republican would not do that. I voted for Reagen and Daddy Bush and Dubbya the first time he ran. By the time he was up for his second term, I had changed my mind about him. However, he was nowhere as bad (in my opinion) as this deranged idiot. I did vote for Obama twice and voted for Hillary, but I would not have pouted if a decent, intelligent Republican had run against her and won.

    And no, I won’t be moving to Canada. I will remain here in my country and hope it survives however long the lunatic in the WH stays in office. Hopefully, he will be impeached or removed under the guidelines of the 25th Amendment. I can’t say I like Mike Pence, but at least he’s intelligent and sane and knows how to govern.

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