See Dan run for mayor… maybe


Council Member Dan Garodnick (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

For months now, Councilman Dan Garodnick would only say he’s exploring his options when asked what position he’s now fundraising for. But according to a Saturday item in the New York Post, Garodnick is “seriously considering” running for mayor. Citing unnamed sources, the paper said he is “50-50” about running. Garodnick didn’t return our call requesting comment, nor did Waterside Plaza owner/former lieutenant governor Richard Ravitch, who the Post said Garodnick had spoken to about his thoughts about running. In February, Politico also ran a story about how he’d been speaking with donors, consultants and others about possibly throwing his hat in the ring.

It’s been expected that Comptroller Scott Stringer will run for mayor at some point, when and if charges are brought against Mayor Bill de Blasio for his fundraising tactics. Former mayoral candidate Christine Quinn has also been a rumored candidate. However, at this time, de Blasio’s most serious opponent seems to be Republican developer Paul Massey.

According to information on the NYC Campaign Finance Board website, Garodnick has $1,070,195 in campaign cash, having already spent around $60,000. Stringer’s got a balance of $1,718,366, Massey’s got a balance of $937,017 and de Blasio’s got the most at $2,221,044.

Garodnick ran for a third term in 2013 after a brief run for the comptroller seat. He dropped out shortly after Stringer announced his candidacy. Later he tried and failed to become the City Council speaker, following some reported meddling in the Council voting process by then Mayor-elect de Blasio.

As for his possible run for mayor, a knowledgeable source in the Democratic Party told us he believes Garodnick does stand a chance at unseating de Blasio.

“De Blasio’s support is weak and a credible candidate like Dan will attract media attention and editorial support. If Dan runs, then the chances of Stringer also running are lessened. Scott would have to give up his fairly safe comptroller re-election to run in a race where Dan and Scott would divide the anti-de Blasio vote. Scott has a lot to lose while Dan has nothing to lose politically.”

But, noted our source, if Garodnick is serious, he needs to get out there and admit he’s running.

“The broader public needs to be introduced to Dan.”

The race to succeed Garodnick, meanwhile, who’s getting term-limited out, seems to grow by the week. The newest candidate for City Council, District 4, who was endorsed by Manhattan GOP last week, is Rebecca Harary. Last month, a Democrat named Maria Castro also entered the race.

One thought on “See Dan run for mayor… maybe

  1. The Post article talks about Dan going after DeBlasio and his corruption, which is quite funny coming from a guy who thinks his smile can hide him from the corruption we all know about.

    Does the “Belle of the REBNY gala” think that his corruption wouldn’t come to light? How about those small businesses suffering because he is protecting his RE buddies interests and going against SBJSA for “legality” reasons?

    Without Preet around, he may just get away with it. He needs to just go away, along with DeBlasio.

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