Robberies, burglaries up in the 13th Precinct

Deputy Inspector Brendan Timoney

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The number of robberies and burglaries within the confines of the 13th Precinct have spiked in the last month, although crime in the last 28-day period is down 31 percent overall.

The precinct’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Brendan Timoney, reported the increases at the most recent 13th Precinct Community Council meeting on Tuesday night, noting that robberies are up 33 percent and burglaries are up 44 percent. This includes a number of bank robberies and Timoney said this isn’t just a local problem.

“We’ve been seeing these significant robberies all over the city, not just in the 13th, but we have a great record of arresting these guys,” he said.

One robbery occurred only this past week when a deliveryman was mugged in the stairwell at 444 Second Avenue. The victim got his cell phone back but the suspect wasn’t arrested. Despite the increase in burglaries, half of which took place at businesses, Timoney said that in 45 percent of those cases, arrests were made.

There have also been recent reports of IRS scams, and other scams in which suspects demand money for a relative being held hostage.

“Just hang up the phone,” Timoney advised. “They don’t have your relatives.”

The commanding officer also noted that he has recently received calls about residents being scammed by fake computer repair technicians who claim they work for Microsoft and Timoney warned meeting attendees not to give anyone access to their computers.

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