Signs on squirrel feeding appear outside playgrounds

A sign outside Peter Cooper Village’s Playground 2 (Photo by Maria Rocha-Buschel)

By Sabina Mollot

Aw nuts! Squirrel feeding is now being actively discouraged in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village playgrounds.

Following a few reported incidents of squirrel bites on the grounds nearly a year ago, a number of parents pushed the owner to install some signage indicating that people shouldn’t feed the local wildlife. This week, that signage finally appeared — although it only asks people not to feed the squirrels near the playground as opposed to not at all on the property.

The sign, which features a silhouette of a squirrel as well as management’s “Good Neighbors” campaign logo of a blue heart, reads: “Please do not feed the squirrels within 50 feet of this playground.”

A spokesperson and community affairs manager for StuyTown Property Services said the signs have been posted on fences around the five playgrounds intended specifically for kids’ use.

“Feedback from parents who frequent the children’s playgrounds with their children and strollers is what prompted us to put up the signs,” she confirmed.

As to whether residents will pay attention to these signs remains to be seen. Previously, in an emailed newsletter, general manager Rick Hayduk asked residents not to feed the squirrels, but did not say there was a no-feeding policy.

Asked for the ST-PCV Tenants Association’s view on the sometimes-contentious ongoing debate over squirrel feeding, TA President Susan Steinberg said the association would be staying out of it.

“The TA takes no position on squirrels,” Steinberg said.“Speaking for myself, the propensity of tenants to feed the community mascot has definitely modified natural behavior. Some people find them cute; others do not appreciate their aggressive behavior, and parents with young children are very concerned by their too-close approach. Putting up a sign to not feed squirrels within 50 feet of playgrounds is a decent effort on the part of management to reduce the appearance of squirrels where children play.”

11 thoughts on “Signs on squirrel feeding appear outside playgrounds

  1. Sabina, Ridiculous, a few parents can create squirrel signage, and 30 petitioners cannot institute noise control. Where is the justice??!!! How did they achieve it? Stuart levinson

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      • Trying would mean that his staff is actually following through with the things they put on paper, or in the case here, rules on signs. Absolutely nothing here is being enforced, so no, Rick is not trying. Actions speak louder than words, and all I see are a whole lot of words and no action.

  2. This place looks like Disneyworld with all the damn signs, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    At least the AirBnB guests will have signs every 25 feet to guide them.

    • So many signs. It makes this place look so cheap. It is one big advertisement and you feel like a child with someone always telling you what to do. What about the dog friendly signs. Are you kidding? We know the two inches of grass the dogs can walk on and what is is for. Enough with the signs. Stop making this place look so tacky!

  3. Squirrel 1: I’m hungry, let’s get some chow.
    Squirrel 2: OK, whaddaya say, Playground 3? I see strollers, that means snacks!
    Squirrel 1: Nah, can’t you read the sign? They won’t feed us over there!

    • Just last weekend I saw two squirrels in unattended strollers in PCV playground 2. Obviously they aren’t following the rules!

      Like I said in an earlier post, the signs are complete overkill. Until I see PS out there battling those rule breaking squirrels I can’t take Rick’s rules that seriously! 😂

  4. No one at all should be feeding the squirrels anywhere on the property !!! First it is horrible for the squirrels. If you don’t care about them, they have become so aggressive and are taking over. They carry so many diseases and rats have increased because of all this feeding.
    No feeding what so ever of squirrels is what the signs should read. This problem is big and is getting worse and worse. Stop feeding the squirrels !!!!

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