Dog Days are here again

Diane Patrone, Cha Cha, Fanny, and Jordan Gunter

By Maya Rader

The dog days are officially upon us. On Saturday morning, Stuyvesant Town held its first Dog Days event of the season. Residents brought their pups to Playground 1 to play and socialize with other dogs while stands were set up manned by local pet-related businesses. The event was also attended by an adorable pot-bellied pig that arrived in a stroller. The pig is currently being housed at Whole Health Veterinary Hospital on First Avenue.

The event also included an obstacle course with toys laid out across the playground, including seesaws, tunnels and bars for Fido to practice jumping over.

Photos by Maya Rader

10 thoughts on “Dog Days are here again

  1. Despite the anemic turnout, (which clearly proves once and for all that either the vast majority of dogs in PCVST at any given time are either outsiders or are unregistered) this event is extremely disturbing to those who live around the playgrounds in which they are held. Clearly 99+% of residents don’t attend which means that less than 1% attend yet about (at least in the case of playground 1 in ST) 12% of the population of PCVST are negatively affected. it would seem management has failed AGAIN!

    • I disagree. I and many of my dog owning friends were out of town for the holiday and missed the event. Because of the holiday, my guess is that your % of negatively impacted people is high. Also, not every resident is going to go to every event. So just because you feel management failed that doesn’t make it true for everyone else. I don’t have a toddler at the younger playgrounds or a teen in the basketball courts; I sometimes don’t see anything at the farmers market that strikes my fancy but I don’t stomp my feet and raise by voice demanding that my demographic be the only one catered to.
      And before you blow out your keyboard in anger. Management does have a lot of work to do in the dog enforcement department. Especially dogs from outside the property and weight and breed enforcement. And as a dog owner, I want security to scan the tapes to find the resident in my building who lets their dog pee on my building and fine them heavily for making my porter do extra cleanup.
      But, a few hours on a quiet weekend for registered dogs to play is a lovely day in my book. I look forward to the next doggie day.

      • The math is quite simple. In a community of over 30,000, 1 percent would be 300 people. Clearly even at the most heavily attended doggie day there wasn’t 300 attendees. Thus 99+%. Since I can’t count the number of tenants living at playground 1 I went with the number of buildings at playground 1 divided by the number of buildings in the project.There are 10 buildings at playground 1 (I couldn’t remember if it’s 81 or 88 in the project so i went with 85) which is roughly 12%.
        Despite saying “I don’t stomp my feet and raise by voice demanding that my demographic be the only one catered to.” you clearly are and i clearly didn’t.

        • I think you need to reread your own post. It’s pretty universal when you use all caps, it’s raising your voice.

        • So, I only raised my voice on the word AGAIN? Not that I am all that conventional or universal but if i was raising my voice (despite the fact that I’m not speaking) wouldn’t i have capitalized the whole thing? Not to tax you too much I’ll just offer this, I capitalized AGAIN for emphasis not volume. Perhaps i should have made it bold or italicized but i just wanted to point out the almost continuous succession of failures made by management (albeit different companies) since somewhere around 2003. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Additionally, scouring the photos you can see that many of the registered dogs are over 50 pounds which is a violation of managements own rules yet they allow it so another fail on their part. I was also under the impression pigs are banned from being in NYC due to health concerns and yet our loving owner/management firm allows one to be brought right into the heart of the project. Another fail!.

  3. This morning I witnessed a dog stranded in the East River at Stuy Cove. Police came and got Fire Department ESU. Scuba wet suit and ladders and very quickly dog was rescued! Safe but wet and scared. Dog had leash and tags

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