Letters to the Editor, Apr. 20

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

It’s only another local business

After 40 years serving high-quality food at reasonable prices, our neighborhood vegetarian restaurant, Angelica’s, is closing its doors.

Reportedly, the main reason for this sad event is the increase in rent to $26,000 a month. In order to meet this landlord-imposed hefty price tag, symbolic of the Trump Administration’s values or lack thereof, the owner, Leslie McEachern, would have to pay her employees the equivalent of the Chinese child-worker rate, probably a bowl of rice.

In addition, in lieu of serving fresh organic produce and helping local farmers support their families, Leslie would have to serve to her patrons the cheapest food available, food no doubt lacking in the nutritional value of organics. Although many business men are guided by the principles encapsulated by the phrase “It’s only business,” Leslie would never serve meals under these conditions.

Following in the bootsteps of the Trump administration, which intends to throw such humanitarian programs as Meals on Wheels under the bus, Angelica’s landlord has returned our earth Angel-ica to heaven much sooner than her patrons would like and if this landlord were asked, “Where is Angelica’s?” he’d no doubt reply, “She sleeps with the fishes.” I guess we are in the tyrannical age of “It’s only business.”

John Cappelletti, ST

Volunteering: Good for the park and you

Being out in the fresh air where there are green trees and plants is good for the health. Just a few blocks away on the East River is a beautiful place — Stuyvesant Cove Park.

This is just the right time of year to start a wellness program. Spring ephemerals are coming up as well as the first to bloom spring perennials and the beginning leaves of plants that will soon be too tall to see over. In the northern-most bed, the Virginia bluebells are beginning to bloom. Farther south, little colonies of trout lily leaves have appeared, soon to be graced by yellow flowers with turned-back petals.

Better than a walk is getting your hands into the soil to see what’s going on up-close. The other day I was weeding at the park when up out of the leaves came a ladybug. The sun glinted on the orange shell as it wandered over leaves and sticks. Later, another sort of insect appeared — black, oblong with some orange markings on the abdomen. I have to do some research to find out what it was. There’s so much to learn.

Volunteering at the Cove is very rewarding. There are once monthly community volunteer days, details for which can be found on the Solar One website solar1.org. If your weekends are busy and you’d still like to spend an hour or two in the garden, you can contact park manager Liza Mindemann at liza@solar1.org to set up another time.

Wendy Byrne, ST

Scientific enlightenment

As most of the Republicans cut from funding and/or deny the salience of the above, our nation and relation to the world will lose greatly.

And coincidentally the quality of our educational system from primary to college has been sacrificed. Today’s B.A. is less than the equivalent to the high school diploma from half a century ago. Why are the arts relevant? Music of all genres, opera, painting, dance provide an ambiance for a greater world view for students’ universal understandings. We become exposed to all which we can become. We learn which talents we are able to pursue with the greatest fulfillment and have a good life.

And, add the spiritual dimensions. We are able to replace materialism with far more fulfilling activities.

Science: From grade school and beyond we in the main learn facts, but pay little attention to a full appreciation of what’s far most important: the scientific method.

During the enlightenment, we discovered ways of knowing (with a given probability) of being correct, using peer-reviewed methods. Now we have become antithetical due to the finding of science for two reasons.

If we pay attention to science, Big Energy, Big Pharma… lose immediate material rewards. ($$$). So, they say conclusions are not known even as 99 percent of scientists are sure.

The pseudo-sophisticated (usually well-educated and wealth) who ignore scientific findings in favor of “alternative methods.” Yes, some alternative treatments work… But until peer-reviewed rigorous science validates them, no one knows.

And they might have negative effects or interact dangerously with present drugs. We must investigate.

Some ignorant persons believe that autism spectrum disorders can be caused by vaccines. Just because they heard it. Yet scientists are unanimous that there is no evidence for this assertion. And it goes on.

If some note that many of my comments seem to mirror those of former Assemblyman Steve Sanders, it is because we are both right!

David Chowes, PCV

Tooning out

Re: Airbnb prison political cartoon, T&V, Apr. 13

Another ignorant, misguided cartoon effort. Reflects badly on Chris Hagedorn.

Much better if you had used the space to alert readers to the “yes” scam I’m grateful to have learned about in your paper (Local Week in Review, T&V, Apr. 13).

Mary Travers, ST


3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 20

  1. I think one could make a good living as a psychiatrist specializing in Liberal Derangement Syndrome right here in PCVST. John C makes the jump from Angelica’s rent increase to President Trump who is blameless. Yet, he totally fails to mention Garodnick (and the entire city council), Hoylman, DiBlasio, Cuomo etc., all of whom are Democrats and are wholly owned subsidiaries of the REBNY. These corrupt Democrats are the actual culprits yet he can’t stop himself from blaming President Trump. David C. joins Steve Sanders in constantly bloviating about some perceived injustice. Just with these 3 at 3 sessions per week this psychiatrist could make a good living for many years to come, at least the next 7and a half years under President Trump and hopefully 8 more under President Pence. Cha ching!!

    • Exactly right! John makes no mention of Dan, the city council, and the rest of the Democrats running this state as the real force behind places like Angelica’s closing. This stuff has been going on long before Trump became President and your comparison between small businesses in NYC and programs like Meals on Wheels (I’m not with Trump on cutting programs like this) are just illogical.

  2. How long has Trump been in office? How many mom and pop stores have closed before he came into office? Why is this letter even being printed?

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