Letters to the Editor, Apr. 27

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Lawns for people, not pooches

To the Editor:

The newly hired management people have made one of their first decisions to eliminate many of the lawn covered green spaces in the back of our buildings and turn them into “dog friendly spaces.” These are now effectively noisy dog runs and puts dogs before tenants. Not a good start.

Formerly, these lawns were used by young children to crawl and play around – sometimes tenants would read, relax or sun bathe on them. These, along with benches, playgrounds and the Oval, were much needed islands of tranquility amid the city and helped make Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village the oasis it was once known for (see the lovely 70th Anniversary Exhibit on the Oval).

In turning these lawns into fly infested dog toilets, we now witness employees having to clean up after those dog owners who are not so thoughtful – a real waste of their time and energy. These lawns will soon turn into brown and dead places as the small “dog friendly” areas set up previously have become. They will also match the lovely stained carpets that greet guests as they step out of elevators on many floors of our buildings. This is getting out of hand. The next logical step is to turn Stuyvesant Oval into a large dog run with all that space and those trees.

A suggestion. Why not put up signs reading “Curb Your Dog,” which, by the way, is the law in New York City. Dog owners could allow their dogs to relieve themselves in handy nearby gutters which are supposed to be cleaned and disinfected by Sanitation vehicles at least once a week. Owners would still need to clean up after their dogs. No poop and flies on the green spaces or sidewalks. No noisy dog runs. More sanitary conditions in ST/PCV. In short, put tenant needs before dog needs.

Name withheld, ST

Upside to gas being down

The following is an open letter to Stuyvesant Town General Manager Rick Hayduk.

Dear Mr. Hayduk,

I wanted to write a quick note of appreciation for keeping us up to date with the gas situation in my building.

Two years ago there was a tragic explosion on 2nd Ave and 7th Street. That horror surely could have been avoided if the landlord followed the law, and wasn’t looking to save a buck.

Messing with gas lines is no joke. Your staff’s professionalism and thoroughness gave us peace of mind. My family and I never thought this was an inconvenience.

Thank you so much for keeping us all safe.

Carolanne Fitz, ST

A true blue dining experience

Recently one local business made me see red. They seemed entitled to be stressed out and hostile after I suggested that they may have double charged me. A polite note to them went unanswered.

Well, I had an unfortunate experience with a weird waiter during my first time at Blue Ribbon, a brasserie with, ironically, near the same number of locations as the store that insulted me. Respecting my note, however, Blue Ribbon apologized profusely and extended themselves without qualification. I heartily commend Blue Ribbon to all of you. The food is awesome. It’s a great place to treat yourself.

Blue Ribbon is the kind of customer relations we want from businesses in New York. Try the ribs. To. Die. For!

Billy Sternberg, ST

13 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 27

  1. I don’t live in Stuyvesant Town. I live a block away, on Avenue A. One nice sunny day a few years ago, I decided to bring my sandwich to one of the playground benches so I could eat outside instead indoors in my apartment.
    So, I sat down and started to take out my sandwich when a security guard interrupted me and said that I’d have to leave because only residents of Stuyvesant Town can use those benches. So I told him “okay” and I started to walk away when I turned around and asked him, “By the way, how did you know when I was sitting there that I don’t live here?” His answer to me was, “Well, people that live here don’t sit there.” True story!

    • The place is now too unsanitary to eat a sandwich. You’d be better off eating your sandwich at home unless you have dog crap all over the place.

  2. I agree with the person who says the formerly green areas have been turned into doggy toilets. The whole property is plastered with dog doo and we don’t have very much in the way of grass anymore. I guess brown is the new green.

    • As a dog owner, I also agree that the dogs are killing the grass. I always take my dog out on LL on Avenue C and take him up and down the cobblestones on Avenue C or to Stuy Cove. I wouldn’t want a dog run on the property, but Stuy Cove is perfect. Especially that never used area between the Solar One house and the gas station.

  3. The large ‘dog friendly’ area in front of 370 1st in PCV was just re-sodded. Before that, it was a wasteland. Used to get 40-60 visits per day. 90% of the grass killed. When it rained, it became a mud swamp. When it dried out, when wind blew, dust was swept up to get into your eyes and lungs. There are many solutions that could be tried here. Using these large areas isn’t one of them.

    Maybe the number of dogs here is up to 1400 or more by now. Division over this issue isn’t going to go away. Best to find solutions that are at least workable for both sides.

    My last check of environmental control data shows that since Jan, PS has given 2 tickets to residents for failure to clean up dog waste. $250 fines. So there is some enforcement of this law here.

    • Come on Barry, you are better than that. 2 tickets out of 100 violations (2%)? 1000 violations (.2%)? 10,000 violations (.02%)? I am guessing that in a one year period that there are MORE than 10,000 dog crap violations on this property and we consider 2 tickets to be enforcement? If I were an owner that allowed my dog to freely crap without picking it up, these numbers would not deter me in any way whatsoever. We will not see improvement until we see actual enforcement.

  4. I think that all the dog crap is a serious health hazard. It dries and gets blown around and when it is still wet and pungent, it attracts flies. It makes its way into our homes courtesy of the flies (even with screens, at least a few get in) and on shoes, shopping cart and baby buggy wheels. I think the Board of Health should crack down on Management for not enforcing the health laws and endangering us all.

  5. As a resident on the M level, I’m already sick and tired of all these people and their dogs illegally jumping the fences in place and using the grassy area directly outside my window as a toilet and playground for their dogs nonstop. They never clean up the dog shit. there are piles all over. There are flies galore. It stinks. They are noisy. I never had this problem until 5 years ago and I’ve lived here for 20 years. It’s noise pollution, disgusting and a health hazard. And illegal. LAWSUIT.

    • If we had a Tenants Association, this is the sort of thing that they would address. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Tenants Association.

      • We do have a tenants association. Most dog owners pick up after their dogs as they should. I’m not sure where all you people see dog crap flying through the air and flies all around your homes. Perhaps you need to do your own spring cleaning.

        • There is a group that calls itself a tenants association but they are not really a tenants association since they are an arm of management. They represent less than 3% of tenants and are generally useless. But, hey you keep sending them your $50 as they laugh at you on their way to the bank!

        • The tenants association here is for tenants the way the rent stabilization association is for rent stabilization.

        • Christine, do YOU live on the M or T level with a constant parade of noisy dogs and people right outside your window all hours of the day and night? Do you look outside your window and feast upon a view of piles of fresh and dried dog feces sitting on top of the dirt and sparse patches of grass? This attracts vermin, such as flies. Let’s see how you feel if you switched places with those tenants. As for proof of dog owners not picking up after the poor dogs who are unfortunate enough to have such inconsiderate and ignorant owners, there’s plenty of documented photographs proving this. You must be a new tenant who has overdosed on the kool-aid hard.

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