Moms we interviewed said they don’t want stuff on Mother’s Day

By Sabina Mollot

With Mother’s Day taking place on Sunday, May 14, Town & Village’s email inboxes have been flooded with press releases from various companies that are all convinced what moms want just happens to be what they manufacture and sell.

However, based on responses we got from women about what it is they actually want for Mother’s Day, it turns out all the PR people who pitched us were wrong. Those we spoke with, while they watched their kids at playgrounds or just strolled with strollers through Stuyvesant Town, said what they want is some quality family time. Others admitted they could use some much needed time to themselves.

Shorn Burke, a mother of a 12-year-old and a seven-year-old, said she needed the latter. “Rest,” said Burke, without hesitation, saying she worked long hours as a babysitter. “A peaceful day. A quiet day. Just relaxation.”

Kate Raizenberg, an interior designer, when asked, said she would be happy with any kind of effort.

“Anything,” she said, “but,” she added, “I know I’m not getting anything.” With her one child being a baby, she instead is hoping for a chance to sleep in and would also like for her family to take her to brunch. “That’s what I’d like to do,” she decided.

Kelly Kent, a mother of two, said she wanted, “A day to myself, a spa day, relaxing.” However, she didn’t think said spa day would actually happen.

“It’s a day when everyone wants to do something with their mother,” she said, adding, “It’s (also) nice to be alone. Let’s see if dad will come through.”

Katie O’Brien, a mother of three, said she’s already bought herself a Mother’s Day gift — tickets to see the play “Grug and the Rainbow” for herself and one of her three kids. As for the other two, one-year-old twins, they’ll be staying at home with their dad. “I’m excited about it,” said O’Brien. “It’ll be nice to have some one-on-one time with him.”

Laura Cogan, a mom of an eight-year-old, said she was excited about Mother’s Day since it will be her first one as a mom. “We were going to go to brunch and spend some time outside,” she said, although she’s heard the weather may have something to say about that plan. So she said she might just end up indoors, but didn’t seem too disappointed about this. “I just want to be with my son,” she said.

Mina Ao, mother of a nearly two-year-old boy, had to think about it when asked what she wanted.

“When it comes to Mother’s Day I think of my mother. I haven’t thought about it for myself,” she said.

As for her own mother, she too, doesn’t want gifts. “She lives far away so we usually do phone calls,” said Ao.

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