Letters to the editor, May 19

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

More money than brains

Back in the time when human beings were bought and sold to provide free labor and other perks for their owners, I imagine that slaves wore clothes that were basically old, tattered jeans handed down to others. Nowadays, people of all races, ages, genders and nationalities are wearing “shabby chic” jeans that are ripped, torn and threadbare. These jeans are extremely tight on females or too loose on males as evidenced by some men’s exposed jockey/boxer shorts or plumber’s crack. In addition, these shabby jeans now have permanent fake mud stains. In fact, I believe Nordstrom’s is selling these “filthy jeans” for $425.

Who can afford these jeans? Probably those who will benefit from Trump’s tax “plan,” which redirects our investing in clean air/water/food, health care, education, scientific research and our citizens’ pursuit of happiness to investing our taxes in corporations and the ultra-wealthy One Percent who stand to pocket hundreds of thousands so a few bucks can “trickle down” (a Trump fave) to the rest of us. He revealed a tax plan so simple it fits on a single 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, unlike his own personal taxes, which, if he’d reveal them, would speak volumes.

So under Trump, We the People will be giving a sizable chunk of our hard-earned money to the wealthiest among us. And if Trump has his way we’ll be spending millions of taxpayer dollars to build a wall that Trump said was going to be paid for by Mexico. We’re already spending millions on fighter planes the Defense Department doesn’t want or need and we just dropped the very expensive Mother of All Bombs to kill a few dozen people, some of them perhaps our enemies. And of course we could be spending more billions on a war with North Korea, if Trump and the U. S. Navy ever learn how to read a map and find this country (Hint: North Korea is just north of South Korea.). I know North Korea is secretive, but not even that other president with the funny haircut can hide it.

Finally, let’s not forget that after defeating North Korea we will spend billions more, as we’ve done in past wars, rebuilding their country. As usual Republicans are plunging us into a huge debt that the next Democrat will be stuck with.

If only elections were transparent so we knew what we were getting for our vote. If only it were mandatory for a candidate to reveal his taxes, business connections, relationships with foreign countries like Russia, and proof of his value system or lack of it. If only candidates had to wear those new jeans that I hear are now on the market, jeans that are made of clear plastic that enables everyone to see everything underneath.

Then maybe we could finally see our Emperor’s new clothes, see that it is the sweat of our labor that fills the coffers of the U.S. Treasury, and perhaps see that now in the 21st century we are the new slaves. Then do something about it.

John Cappelletti, ST

Traffic cops needed by FDR Drive

For close to a week, the intersection of Avenue C and 18th Street has been closed blocking Southbound Avenue C traffic entrance to FDR Drive. Northbound traffic slows down with people making u-turns to get onto FDR. There is urgent need for traffic cops to keep traffic and Avenue C bus moving. There are lights but no one seems to be working at night.

Name withheld, ST

Editor’s note: This letter is referring to the fact that entry to the southbound FDR Drive from Avenue C is temporarily closed while the city repairs a sinkhole, as StuyTown Property Services mentioned in a recent tenant newsletter.

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