Local Law 11 facade repairs begin in ST

By Maria Rocha-Buschel 

Repairs on Stuyvesant Town building facades began last Monday and will continue through October 2017. Management announced the work in a newsletter sent to residents earlier this month, noting that the work is being done to comply with Local Law 11, a citywide program through the Department of Buildings that requires owners to inspect and maintain building facades.
StuyTown Property Services community affairs manager Marynia Kruk said that the amount and scope of the work are building-specific based on what repairs are necessary, but most of the work may result in noise and will require scaffolds that will be dropped from the roof of the building.

Kruk said that inspections were completed in late 2016 and early 2017, and this work is a result of those inspections. Kruk added that STPCV does not want to definitively announce which buildings will undergo repair because the total number may change as the work is ongoing. Residents will be able to find out if their building is affected by posted notices and residents who signed up for text alerts will receive reminders.
Kruk also noted that in accordance with DHCR guidelines, this work can result in Major Capital Improvement (MCI) increases, but the filings would only be made once all of the work is completed.
Correction: An earlier version of this article said that the work includes Peter Cooper Village, but it is only planned for Stuyvesant Town.

One thought on “Local Law 11 facade repairs begin in ST

  1. We know the drill:

    1) Of course they will file an MCI. They initiate projects just for MCI purposes.

    2) The TA will mail us a letter informing us that they are the only ones that can win an MCI battle and that you are on your own if you don’t sign their pledge and pay their membership fee.

    3) The TA will claim victory when we receive a .46 cent reduction on the total MCI cost per apartment. All normal people realize that this equates to nowhere near the $50 you shelled out for the membership.

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