Injured bat found in Peter Cooper released in East River Park

Bat-hilda, prior to being released, hangs upside down from the edge of a cardboard box. What appears to be the bottom of the box to the viewer of this photo is actually its side. (Photo courtesy of Good Samaritan and StuyTown Property Services)

As Town & Village reported on May 11, an injured bat was found by a resident in Peter Cooper Village, and subsequently passed on to a Good Samaritan recruited by management who then began nursing the winged mammal back to health.

That bat, believed to be an Eastern Red bat, has since been nicknamed Bat-hilda, and has been released into an East Village park.

Marynia Kruk, Stuyvesant Town’s community affairs manager, told T&V this happened on the night of Saturday, May 13.

“He put her on a tree inside East River Park, at East 10th Street and FDR Drive,” said Kruk of the Good Samaritan, who has asked to remain anonymous.

“She soon took off and he lost sight of her.”

Kruk added that the volunteer animal rehabilitator had tried to set her free earlier in the week, but she was still too weak to take off. Kruk also reported:

(Photo by Lisa Kuklinski)

“He said he could tell it was female based on tell-tale signs on her bottom. When she first found her way to him, she was cranky, he said, but then she calmed down. He placed her in a box and took her home.

“She was healthy and didn’t have any broken bones. But she was dehydrated. When he brought her home, he put her in a cage with a bowl of water and she crawled right over and started drinking. She was placed in the cage for her own safety, so she wouldn’t fly around and hurt herself. Our Good Samaritan fed her waxworms and mealworms, which anyone can buy at a pet store. Later, when she had recovered somewhat, she liked hanging upside-down off the edge of a cardboard box.”

2 thoughts on “Injured bat found in Peter Cooper released in East River Park

  1. Thank you, Good Samaritans. We need our bats. And besides, they like to have their bellies tickled!

  2. Thank you Good Samaritan! We came across this bat and called security and they came right away. It just made my day to read this!

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