Peter Cooper Council candidate has 3 club endorsements, nearly $200G in war chest

Photo courtesy of Keith Powers

Keith Powers, a candidate for City Council in District 4, announced on Tuesday that he’d gotten support from three Democratic clubs on the East Side of Manhattan. The Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club, Four Freedoms Democratic Club and Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club (where Powers is a district leader), voted to endorse Powers, a resident of Peter Cooper Village, last week.

In addition, a spokesperson for the campaign said Powers has amassed close to $200,000 in campaign cash.

The rep said Powers has maxed out on his matching funds at $100,100 and has raised $98,000 in private funds. With the two amounts combined, Powers has hit the $182,000 City Council spending cap.

“With our endorsement, we see Keith as the most qualified candidate who has what it takes to protect our party’s values with new and innovative solutions for the unique needs of our community,” said Greg Martello, president of the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club.

“I’m honored to have the support of such important local Democratic Clubs,” stated Powers. “These early endorsements reflect our deep roots in the community and support for our new ideas for the City.”

The Tilden Democratic Club is a local club in the 74th Assembly District, Part C. The Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club represents the 74th Assembly District, Part B. The Four Freedoms Democratic Club spans New York’s 76th Assembly District.

Powers has also won some labor backing. Last week, Local 802 AFM and 32BJ SEIU endorsed him.

Powers is also a board member of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association and chair of Community Board 6’s Business Affairs and Street Activities Committee.

10 thoughts on “Peter Cooper Council candidate has 3 club endorsements, nearly $200G in war chest

  1. Why do we not hear about the fact that Keith Powers is a professional, registered lobbyist? So much for keeping corruption and big money out of local politics. Same story, different day. Where does Mr. Powers stand on things like the Small Business Jobs Survival Act? Affordable Housing? That (ridiculous) Small Business Tax Reform currently being pushed through the City Council? Is he willing to save our local grocery stores? What about zoning variances? Is he, like Dan, also utterly beholden to Gale Brewer and her personal agenda? All I know for certain is that a professional lobbyist is already maxed out, money-wise; it rather stinks.

    • I think a lot of us are curious about this as well. I absolutely will not vote for someone who follows Dan’s footsteps on the SBJSA and only pushes the commercial tax reform.

      • Probably a friend of Dan and REBNY who has been picked to continue Dan’s legacy of destruction and greed. Would vote for anybody but a Dan crony. This guy stinks of what Dan stinks of, and it aint roses.

  2. Seems he is the Democratic party’s s choice to continue the corruption. He is guaranteed a victory since NYers love their corrupt officials.

  3. Keith is the only candidate from Stuy Town, a qualification we need to help keep our neighborhood affordable. He’ll be getting my vote.

    • Garodnick is from PCV and no one has sold us out more than Dan. I think an outsider would be more committed to helping out in a place they would need to get results in in order to continue to get those votes. That being said it appears this guy is the corruption continuation candidate put forth by the Democrats so he is a shoo in.

    • Being from Stuy Town is your only criteria for a candidate to get your vote?!? Yikes! No wonder this country’s in so much trouble. He’s a professional lobbyist for God’s sake! Someone like Marti Speranza is for the SBJSA; affordable housing, and has an entire concept for a “livable city.” SHE is the only candidate who will represent the needs and wants of the middle class and help us protect our homes and neighborhoods. Margery, you should really think more broadly about this.

    • There is another one from Sty Town, I believe. I think a guy named Barry Shapiro is running, and from what I’ve heard about him he would be a stellar candidate.

  4. Lobbyists are prostitutes. Very high-paid prostitutes and their victims are the people who vote for them. Don’t vote for a prostitute unless you can deal with the consequences of consorting with that type of person. Make sure you have plenty of penicillin on hand if you vote for a lobbyist, especially a REBNY-pimped prostitute. You want another dose of Garodnick? Yech!

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