Letter to the editor, June 1

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Council race worth watching, too

Re: “Politics & Tidbits: Unintended consequences of term limits — an easily reelected mayor,” T&V, May 18

To the Editor,

Hon. Steve Sanders’ column on term limits’ unintended consequences hints of political jabbing, bobbing, weaving and, even, some rope a dope.  One could readily recognize his passion for boxing. I happen to think that this was his best column and deserving of an award for political commentary.

However, he did not mention the chaos of 2017’s City Council races.

Disclosure: I submitted three articles to a weekly, all variations on this theme. The first was not up to par. The second was ready to post, until I realized that it needed editing to accommodate the rapidly expanding number of candidates from District 4 alone. These folks cost me a byline: my final submission, my editor explained, suddenly read like an editorial.

To my knowledge, we have seven City Council Democratic Primary candidates for Council District 4’s open seat. One will emerge and, with the other district’s candidates winning open seats, form the City Council’s Incoming Class. This year’s incumbents, sure to be re-elected, will form the City Council’s graduating class. The legislators that graduate from the Council to after Council life in four years may run for either county or citywide offices.

Some will emerge and serve eight years in that job and, perhaps, run for higher office. The ones that run for county or citywide office and don’t win will be appointed Commissioner of Something. Rinse and repeat every four years. Tidy.

I don’t have a boxing analogy, but am I editorializing if term limits reminds me of the Bugs Bunny episode where sluggers hit homer after homer on the rumba line? I’d have to say so.

Billy Sternberg, ST

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