Letters to the Editor, July 6

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Dogs okay, owners… not so much

As a former dog owner, I began Bobbie’s Martowicz’s “Stuy Town no longer fit for a dog” letter (6/29/17) with sympathy for dogs—if a bit less for their owners— but that sympathy faded as I read the first paragraph, and vanished in the second. I myself cannot bring a dog into our community because in my own eyes I cannot pass The Responsible Dog Owner’s Pledge: 1. Curb my dog — as required by our laws, 2. Always have the dog on leash — as required by law,  3. Obey the size limit regulations — as required by PCVST. (I had a boxer, and would not have wanted him (Bandit) living so constrained a life as I feel is rightfully required by mass-apartment living.)

Bobbie Martowicz’s letter may be good for the troops, but it really bangs the devil out the facts. The result is a public piece of utter self-indulgence. Martowicz omits failure to curb: 1. fecal matter left (by owners), 2. urination on grass, walkways, trees, plants (allowed by owners), and dog size regulations, (ignored by owners and management). Then there is the matter of who walks whom as the dogs leads the way and pedestrians give way.

Contrary to the tone of Martowicz’s comparisons, dog urine, like human urine, is not a goodie — even dogs don’t want it: it is a waste. Dog fecal matter, like human fecal matter, is not a plant fertilizer. Responsible dog owners cannot get the walkway clean after they pick up; something remains behind. (See “The Scary Reason You Should Never Wear Shoes Inside”.)

I suppose Bobbie Martowicz would argue, as in the opinion piece, that a dog area in Stuyvesant Town would take care of the major offenses, but size aside, that remark sounds remarkably close to blackmail: if we don’t get our dog area… well, we are innocent of the consequences!
So I suppose I should say with Martowicz that Stuy Town is not fit for dogs, but then it never was (at least not anywhere near the irresponsible numbers we are bent on keeping irresponsibly).

Met Life had it right, and to their credit, Blackstone is trying to tackle the thankless energy loaded situation it inherited.

Rest in peace, Bandit… my faithful friend!

John Giannone, ST

In the name of freedom

Although Christopher Hagedorn has pledged to not write about Puerto Rico again, his opinion concerning Oscar López Rivera (“One Person Focus Group,” T&V, June 15) merits a reply.

Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States no matter how our government attempts to hide the fact using the name “Free Associated State.”

Puerto Rico is neither free nor is it a state, as the recent passage of the PROMESA legislation by Congress amply demonstrates.

It is classified as a colony by the United Nations and as such, its people have the right to struggle to free themselves of that relationship just as the peoples of many former colonies such as Cyprus, Kenya, Algeria, Viet-Nam, Angola, Mozambique and indeed most nations of what is referred to as the Third or developing world did. In some of those nations, that struggle used violence to achieve independence, which did not delegitimize their struggle.

Many Americans also seem to forget that people we revere as patriots or founding fathers used violence to achieve our independence.

Moreover, Oscar López Rivera was not convicted of killing anyone, but rather on a variety of conspiracy charges.

As to the recent plebiscite conducted in Puerto Rico, only 23 percent voted and most voters heeded the calls to boycott the vote. A legitimate plebiscite cannot be held until US occupation of the island ends, as the UN Decolonization Committee maintains.

Mr. Hagedorn asks if our elections are legitimate when turnout drops to similar levels. That is a question we should be asking ourselves, especially when our politicians eagerly lecture the rest of the world about what democracy means.

Blair F. Bertaccini, ST

A birthday poem

Dear Editor,

With all the talk of immigration lately, where would we be without our local poet Yves Desmireaux, our Garage 2 attendant who celebrates our country and all its rituals? Only in PCVST are we blessed to leave our cars in such good hands and then be greeted by such joyous words. Thank you, Yves! Keep thinking of us and reminding us to never take life for granted.

Dr. Bel Michele DeMille, ST

More fleas, please

A big thank you to all ST/PCV management personnel for bringing back our flea market on April 29.

The weather was perfect! Fun was had by all — sellers and buyers. All the ST/PCV employees prepared our spots (marking our spots with orange cards) and public safety employees were all very wonderful and polite.

Looking forward to our next flea market.

Lois Lancelot, ST


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  1. can`t follow simple and reasonable dog owner rules?? At 12 years old i did .Now, really tsk

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