Bus stop shelters on East 14th Street removed, will be relocated

Bus stop removal1

The MTA said the removals were because of impending work. (Photos by Hermann Reiner)

By Sabina Mollot

On July 1, an eagle-eyed reader informed us an unannounced removal of M14 bus stop shelters had occurred that day and the day before from Avenues A to B. We reached out to the Department of Transportation for an explanation and the agency responded via email Thursday evening to say the stops were removed due to impending work, but would be relocated this week.

The agency didn’t say what project the impending work is for, but Council Member Dan Garodnick said he was told by the MTA it had to do with the looming L train line repairs, which include building an Avenue A subway entrance.

According to the MTA and DOT:

The existing bus stops on the westbound side of 14th Street on the island at Avenues A and B have shelters which were removed this past Friday in advance of the two bus stops being relocated this week. Both of these stops which are on the west side of the intersection now and will be moved to the east side of the intersection. The bus shelters will not be installed at the temporary stops but will be replaced at the end of the project when the stops are relocated back to their permanent location.

The existing bus stop on the eastbound side (south side of 14th Street) at Avenue A does not have a shelter.  This stop will be moved this week as well.  The bus stop for M14A will move around the corner on Ave A. The stop for M14D will be move to the east side of Avenue A intersection, however, since there is a building construction project occupying that space for the next nine months the bus stop for M14D at Avenue A will be eliminated until next spring (one stop is at First Avenue and the next will be at Avenue B). M14D customers who want to exit at Avenue A will be advised to take M14A bus while the bus stop for M14D at Ave A is not available.

The existing Ave B bus stop on the eastbound side of 14th St is now west of the intersection (no bus shelter) and will also be moved across street to the east side of the intersection. This move will not happen until the end of the month.

Bus stop removal3

Bus stop removal2

Update: By Tuesday, July 11, bus stop changes were already implemented. On Avenue A this meant the westbound M14A was picking up and dropping off passengers at Avenue A and East 13th Street and the westbound M14D stop M14D stop was temporarily relocated to the other side of Avenue A. A sign at Avenue A at a former bus stop that’s currently a construction zone noted the changes although the sign was facing inside the site, which was barricaded off. (To view its helpful content during evening rush hour, a T&V reporter reached over the barriers to take a photo. At that point, a torrential downpour began, highlighting the need for the currently unavailable bus shelters.) In what appears to be related work, the trees lining the Stuyvesant Town side of East 14th Street have had protective wooden barriers built around them.

A version of this story appeared in T&V’s July 13 issue in print, “Bus stops moved on E. 14th”.

3 thoughts on “Bus stop shelters on East 14th Street removed, will be relocated

  1. Not good that we won’t have a shelter so we can sit. I am handicapped can’t stand too long. This is most inconvenient and thoughtless for the seniors and handicapped.

    • Agreed! They definitely should replace the shelter. Sometimes it is a very long wait and in blazing sun or pouring rain, it is nice to have a shelter and the seats are very welcome to those who can’t stand too long.

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