Sinkhole on E. 23rd turns into gurgling tub

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Men work at the sinkhole on the bike lane at 23rd Street and the East River on Tuesday. (Photo by Janet Handal)

By Sabina Mollot

A sinkhole that’s been on the bike lane at 23rd Street along the East River for weeks now has grown from being a few feet across to a ten-foot-wide gurgling geyser. It has also been an active worksite manned by a plumbing crew from the Economic Development Corporation, which manages the nearby city-owned Skyport garage. It’s a broken, leaking pipe underneath the garage that has been blamed for the problem.

Town & Village first reported on the sinkhole last week, when a then two-week-old 311 complaint had yet to spur any action from the city. The relevant city agencies finally arrived at the scene last Wednesday evening (following T&V’s press time) to barricade off the area. Additionally, at that time, a spokesperson for the DEP told us the Skyport garage had been ordered to fix the pipe as well as well as the sinkhole.

But by Tuesday evening of this week, a spokesperson for the EDC, Shavone Williams, still couldn’t say exactly when the damaged water line would be fixed, although the expectation was sometime this week. Williams added that the EDC was planning with the Department of Environmental Preservation to shut down a main on Wednesday morning so contractors could repair the line and repave the surface later in the week. Until it’s repaired, Williams said, the crew would remain onsite and keep the area surrounding the water hole secured with cones and tape.

Meanwhile, water service was completely shut off at Waterside Plaza on Wednesday by 8:30 a.m., according to the management office. General Manager Peter Davis said he didn’t know if it was related to the sinkhole, since the property hadn’t gotten a notice from any agency. UPDATE at 10:54 a.m. Water service has been restored to Waterside, and a DEP representative said the agency was looking into why it happened and why residents were not notified.

Janet Handal, president of the Waterside Tenants Association, first reported the sinkhole to the city on July 5, fearing it would become a deathtrap for cyclists and the usual crowds of people headed to the party boats at the marina next to the garage.

However, there was no visible response from the city on the growing hole until Handal reached out to a number of city agencies and elected officials as well as Town & Village. Only then did teams from the DEP and the Department of Transportation arrive to completely barricade off the sinkhole, which had been only partially surrounded by tape.

As of this Tuesday, Handal said it didn’t appear the workers knew yet where the water main actually was. After stopping by the site, Handal said she was shocked by the force and sound of the gushing water in the hole, as thick cords from six water pumps snaked their way inside. The width of the hole, which had originally just been in the bike lane, had stretched across two traffic lanes by then. This may have been done intentionally to allow the workers access, however.

Based on her observations, though, the water pumps didn’t appear to be doing much. She said she was told by a worker that the EDC was waiting for the DEP to turn off the water and that the collapsed pipe was believed to be about 80 years old.

6 thoughts on “Sinkhole on E. 23rd turns into gurgling tub

  1. The City could use a few hundred of these sinkholes…. reduce the population back to that ever so comfortable 8 million and get rid of the tourists and all those damn blue bikes !

    Maybe then, the subways will run again.

    • People on “those blue bikes” are not on your broken subway- you should bend over and be grateful for them.

      • Grateful. Got that, folks?

        We should thank god, “bend over”, and be grateful for the blue bikeys!

        Now, there’s some SERIOUS entitlement…

        • I think they mean that a very high percentage of the blue bikers would otherwise be on the subway

  2. I don’t want to sound like chicken little, but I saw the buckling of this walkway starting months ago and now I’m telling you, this isn’t the last of it.
    Just north of this point, on the drive that turns into Waterside, there is a piece that has been sinking for months. It’s on the roadway. Give it time, if nothing is done, that will be the next to go, maybe not in the same way, but I’ve driven over the spot many times because I park at the Waterside garage, and now go out of my way to avoid that lane that turns in there.

    Don’t know who to contact about it, and I’m not sure anything would ever get done until it officially “breaks”, most likely under the weight of a heavy bus or truck that drives over the spot, but mark my words, that will give way someday too.

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