Letters to the editor, July 27

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Why I welcome new homeless shelter

Re: “Neighbors demand answers on planned E. 17th St. shelter,” T&V, July 27

I welcome any facility and program that helps the homeless. I welcome the day that there is a home for every person. And was also happy to learn that the topic of housing our local homeless was raised at the BRC community meeting.

We have Gene living on 14th Street and First Avenue on and off for the past two years.  And John who lives in a wheelchair on First Avenue for more years than that. Several homeless who reside on 15th Street by the Con Ed building and many more neighborhood regulars panhandling in front of our local banks and stores. Homelessness affects the person that is struggling with their life and it also affects every one of us who pass them on the street while shopping or enjoying our neighborhood. It’s sad and upsetting and lessens the daily experience of our community and our city.

Therefore I strongly encourage BRC to welcome in the homeless that inhabit this area. It makes it a win-win.

With blessings,

Susan Turchin, ST 

Bad old days weren’t actually bad

Re: “Cluttered ballot? It could be worse,” letter, T&V, July 20 by Democratic District Leaders Sandro Sherrod and Louise Dankberg in response to the letter, “Not everyone should have a shot,” letter by Billy Sternberg, June 29

I’m having a hard time getting my head around why the Tilden Club’s District Leaders responded to my letter on the overwhelming proliferation of this year’s City Council candidates.The last I spoke with the Hon. Ms. Dankberg, I posed a Tammany-esque initiative to her and she responded favorably. But getting any initiative off of the ground is improbable without a moneyed and muscled organization. Still, our chat was cordial. I’ve  known Ms. Dankberg for a long time; perhaps even before she foisted Joseph Force Crater on F.D.R. for a vacancy on the State Supreme Court.

But neither Ms. Dankberg nor her co-leader, the Hon. Mr. Sherrod, consider that New York’s taxpayers are supporting any and all municipal candidates that qualify for the ballot with matching funds. In other words, these leaders can give me a break. One estimable strategist said it directly, “I’m against term limits but they’re good for business.”

In Tammany Hall’s so-called dark days when Alfred E. Smith was governor; when the executive, legislative and judicial branches were filled through, as they describe it, rampant and corrupt cronyism, people voted. There were floor captains, building captains and, after winning elections, the petitioners and other club members were treated to clam bakes and boat rides.

On national holidays Democrats held patriotic exercises followed by receptions. The streets were clean, schools and hospitals were built and people got jobs. Today, the filth on the streets is the only thing that’s rampant and our district leaders can’t get enough candidates. C’mon. Will ya?

Billy Sternberg, ST


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