Teens beat man with hockey sticks outside PCV

Mar31 Peter Cooper sign

Peter Cooper Village

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police arrested three teenagers on Monday for a robbery outside Peter Cooper Village that took place earlier this month.

A 47-year-old man told police that a group of kids with masks over their faces approached him on the sidewalk outside 531 East 20th Street on Wednesday, July 12 around 11:50 p.m. The victim said that the teens whacked him in the head and body with hockey sticks and took his cell phone before fleeing the scene.

Police said that teens were stopped and frisked shortly after the crime but the victim could not positively identify them at the time because the suspects had been wearing face masks.

According to police, the victim lives in the neighborhood but could not confirm if he is a Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village resident.

Two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old were arrested on Monday inside the 13th Precinct after further investigation. Police are still looking for additional suspects but the exact number of people involved is unclear because the victim could not remember how many kids approached him. The names of the teens are being withheld due to their young age. The NYPD said that the investigation is ongoing.

15 thoughts on “Teens beat man with hockey sticks outside PCV

  1. Scary how much crime is in PCV and Stuyvesant town. I have seen kids doing heroine behind 283 Ave C near the playground, every night non residence are smoking weed and drinking, SECURITY DOESN’T EVEN SHOW UP WHEN YOU CALL. . It is so dark behind that building and in front no street lights or lights that work in front of the building. I WISH THE SECURITY WOULD DO SOMETHING. At least the lights should be fixed and security should be walking around. Something has to change so we can feel safe.

  2. Where the hell are Rick and the TA?? After a young woman was almost killed in a lobby, we expected changes. What we have gotten is a much more dangerous community. Everyone needs to be vigilant walking around this community at night, since security is all but nonexistent after 9pm. I know this because I get home from work at 10pm, and have not seen a single guard in over 2 weeks. It was almost a month before that.

  3. This is exactly why Hayduk and the TA should absolutely not allow 4 visitors/strangers per resident to use our facilities, but rather 1 visitor per resident, ostensibly because they could be dangerous, casing PCV/ST for victims, and looking for weaknesses in our security. We live in a residential development, not a recreation park!!

    • Rick and Co. should be exploring the possibility of stpcv becoming a gated community, at least at night. St would be a nightmare logisticly but I think it would be worth it. Especially once the ferry terminal on 20th opens.

      • Actually ST would be easier than PCV. ST has entrances at the 4 loop roads, for a total of 8 entrances (not including buildings obviously). PCV has 12 entrances. I live in PCV and would be totally fine with only 4 open entrances if it meant increased safety – 1 on first, 1 on 20th, 1 on 23rd, and 1 on C.

      • I totally agree!

        We have had more crime since this including a robbery in the lobby of PCV the other night by two teens who followed him into the complex! Never would have been able to happen in a gated community- and if it did- then we would have their names and clear facial photos!

  4. Our policy should allow only one guest per resident on all our recreation areas, to monitor invetted , potentially dangerous strangers on our property, whose identification should be also checked by security and the recreation department. Hayduk and the tenants assoc. shoulld be securing everyone’s safety!!

    • No, no, and no. A whole lot of ignoring going on. I expect it to stay this way. They can’t let an assault get in the way of their glorious fitness playground grand opening.

  5. Speaking of the new fitness playground, what’s the betting that it will get full coverage in this week’s Town & Village?

  6. Still no response from the Tenants Association. Shameful. Pitiful. They’re hardly deserving of the name these days.

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