Letters to the editor, Aug. 3

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Classroom condemnation uncalled for

In his “Ugly rhetoric on charter schools” (T&V “It Seems to Me” column, July 27), Christopher Hagedorn gave vent to what can only be described as a long-held gripe with the United Federation of Teachers and kids who saw that as a teacher, he, the emperor, wore no clothes. Those experiences, back in ‘68, seems to have lain and festered, and, I think, inhibited a more available and objective view of the teachers’ union and public schools.

Mr. Hagedorn takes us back to the time when men and women, charged with the care of kids for six hours a day, were securing for themselves a voice on the job, a grievance process, a salary scale commensurate with education, medical protection, and a measure of financial and medical security after 25-30 years on the job and into old-age — all while leaving dismissal for incompetence (absolutely) intact. Mr. Hagedorn’s rejection of these human needs-goals in ‘68, at the very outset of his own teaching career, indicates a disconnect from those working-people’s goals–if not an anti-union disposition.

Mr. Hagedorn opens his opinion piece claiming that charter schools have “Wupped them [public schools] badly.” Yet he offers no evidence for the “wupping” bit. If charter schools have “wupped’ public schools, there should be an abundance of incontestable point-for-point evidence to support “wupping!” Dontchathink!

Mr. Hagedorn may not have fared well in his encounter with his school’s elected UFT rep, and he may not have fared well with those “25 kids for 42 minutes,” but if one is going to condemn public education, and separately union leaders, with something better than autobiographical and on-the-cheap remarks, one needs to come equipped with more than a long-held sense of insult and classroom failure.  Clearly, there is homework to be done.

John Giannone, ST

Love dogs, not irresponsible owners

Re: Letters “Stuy Town no longer fit for a dog,” T&V, June 29 and “Spare more space for dogs in ST,” July 20

I am an original tenant (December 1947), don’t have a dog, by choice, but do love dogs!

Previous owners Tishman Speyer were losing potential “illegal luxury” renters, so they quickly changed the rental rules to allow dogs.

Now, there’s poop on our walkways, urine burning our lawns, urine on benches, staircases, elevators, hallways, lobbies and outside our entrances. Dogs sitting on our benches, chess tables and yes even outside tables on the café patio. Yuck! Who wants to sit at or eat where dogs’ rear ends have been? Disrespectful dog owners — you know who you are!

Learn NYC laws: Curb your dogs and clean up after them, and buy only legal length leashes when adopting a pooch!

And what about those dogs left alone in their apartments long hours who bark all day long (the slightest noise in the hallway gets them barking).


L. Hall, ST

Concerts at the Cove

Once again, thanks to the huge efforts of Jo-Ann Polise, we have enjoyed some amazing talent at the Stuyvesant Cove bandstand during the month of July. How lucky we are to have this entertainment right in “Our Own Back Yard.”

Thank you, Jo-Ann, for this very special treat.

Kathleen Sullivan, PCV

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