Woman dies after botched butt injection in E. 21st St. building


By Maria Rocha-Buschel

A Harlem woman died after she received a butt injection in a building on East 21st Street near First Avenue earlier this month. The New York Post reported on Monday that 31-year-old Latesha Bynum reportedly received the injections in the unmarked building on July 15 and 12 days later, was struck with dizziness and chest pain. She called 911 around 11 p.m. and was brought to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s last Thursday, but was later pronounced brain-dead before being taken off life support.

The Post noted that the building is not a legitimate medical office, according to the Department of Health.

A resident of the building told the Post that police had been investigating an apartment on the third floor of the building for most of the last weekend. The NYPD told Town & Village that the investigation is ongoing but there have not been any arrests in the case as of Wednesday morning.


5 thoughts on “Woman dies after botched butt injection in E. 21st St. building

  1. Maria, thank you for the story on this obviously sick individual who did this procedure.

    At the same time, I’m sure most of the 30,000 tenants of Stuy Town would also like to hear a little more about the man who was beaten with a hockey stick on 20thstreet. About 10 people on this property might go forward with this procedure, but all 30,000 of us walk along 20th street.

    Priorities Maria, priorities!

    • Totally agree with Steve. I’ll never get a butt enlargement (got too much of it already), but I do walk across 20th Street. What happened to the guy who was assaulted? Was he seriously hurt? Did the cops apprehend the gang of thugs who perpetrated the crime? Did PS get involved? Did PS even hear about the crime?

  2. Have been away and not aware of either of the matters being discussed by Steve and, also, Frances Clarke. Though I cannot imagine getting my butt enlarged — ‘git outta here — it does seem that for “whatever reason” there are some that like big butts! Maybe it is the song, “All about that Base” or several others but not my cup of tea!! However, I certainly want to be aware of ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY that is going on in our neighborhood. On the other hand, Stuyvesant Town has offered self-defense classes on the property and the Tenants Association has offered an FBI presentation on what to do in case of a shooter. Both experiences were helpful. Mostly in today’s society, we must plan ahead for most any crazy activity that could come about. Finally as crazy as things may seem, we are still better off than all the other people in the world as far as I can tell and are blessed to live in America…
    Reminds me of a song, “Proud to be an American, at least I know I’m free”.”Don’t Worry, Be Happy” but as an old Scouts song suggests, “Be Prepared”. Information is always valuable!
    Kay Vota

    • Kay, I’m not bashing this story per se, because it is a neighborhood story that people should be aware of. I’m bashing the fact that this newspaper published a story of a man being attacked on this property, and there were no follow up details whatsoever. Talk about journalism at it’s worst.

      What this neighborhood needs is a newspaper that isn’t afraid of management, and is separate from our corrupt TA. I will continue to bring this up until we get answers.

    • I don’t think the the self-defense classes will be very helpful in the event of being attacked by a gang of masked thugs wielding hockey sticks. At least not unless you are a very fit and strong young man, and even then maybe that wouldn’t be enough. As for the FBI presentation on how to handle an active shooting event, it makes me wonder if we are expecting such a situation now we are a dorm? I think we are more likely to be subjected to the kind of assaults that management and the TA like to keep under wraps. A shooting situation would be hard to hide.

      As for all the God Bless America stuff, I really don’t care what’s happening elsewhere; I care about what is happening HERE, where I live.

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