Letters to the editor, Aug. 17

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Playgrounds should be monitored

Re: Editorial, “That’s some key (card),” T&V, Aug. 10

Dear Editor:

I agree with you that “more boots on the ground” are needed in Stuy Town/Cooper Village, but that should be a 24-hour a day situation. The playgrounds are not open in inclement weather, and in fair weather they are only open from 9:15 a.m. to dusk.

Let us not forget that this was the first and (perhaps) still only “private, gated community” in Manhattan. We have no lobby concierges, and the fact is that there are many “outsiders” walking into this supposedly private community from north, south, east and west of the development. Not all are here to see our beautiful gardens and fountains! Many residents bring guests in, and that is just fine, as long as they are guests and not intruders. In my opinion, those guard posts at all entrances that cost thousands of dollars to build and stand empty year after year, should be manned, especially between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Back to the playgrounds: in the “good old days” (the 50s to 80s), each playground had an attendant, and our community was patrolled on foot. I would like to suggest that we go back to attendants in the most used playgrounds. However, these attendants should have first aid knowledge, i.e. the Heimlich Maneuver and resuscitation. I’m sure that by having them there, over the years, some lives could be saved by the attendants quick response in knowing how to handle dire emergencies, and just their presence would discourage problems with rambunctious kids and some obnoxious adults, as witnessed in the tennis court. In addition, in areas such as the tennis court, with very limited equipment (two nets), proof of residency is a must. I’m also sure that in the summer, you could even have an older teen volunteer program to man the playgrounds. Think how good it would look on their resumes for college!

Bottom line, Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, despite the influx of obvious transients, is advertised as a “private gated community” and that is what we should have.

Barbara Zapson, PCV

The bad will overshadow the good

The following is an open letter to Council Member Dan Garodnick regarding the recent vote to support East Midtown Rezoning (“Council committees vote to support East Midtown Rezoning,” T&V, Aug. 3).

I completely disagree with the vote to support and undertake this initiative. The city is under undue distress from overcrowding and inadequate infrastructure to support the development that these plans represent.

The funds provided to “meet” the anticipated structural demands in order to facilitate implementation of such “improvements” will not provide for the monies that are really required to enhance and further the functionality of this part of our city.

I anticipate that this will become a similar boondoggle that the Second Avenue Subway is. For over 50 years, the downtown residents have awaited the arrival of this mode of transport. Instead, as we continue to wait, extensions of the subway are built to further development of 34th Street to further enrich the titans of the building industries at the expense of the poor and middle class citizens of the East Side.

A great metropolis should not neglect those who have remained steadfast in their commitment to their city so that the shiny new towers can rise over the western horizon of Manhattan.

Carol Barocas, PCV


7 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Aug. 17

  1. I agree with Carol. This rezoning is a disaster for the area proposed, and I know that because I work in the area and see things every day. The infrastructure of this city as a whole should be the absolute top priority for all politicians, not building more to the point that the infrastructure crumbles. And yes Dan, a complete infrastructure crumble will happen in your lifetime, and we won’t forget who to point the finger at when that happens.

  2. I hear what you are saying. I have seen homeless people sleeping behind 310 1st Ave buildings in the private park area. I have seen heroine addicts falling asleep on benches near the kids playground. I truly don’t see what they do other than get on top of dog owners. I have called for several things and they always say “They see on the camera, but they have never ever come and told the homeless or heroine addicts to get out of our private property. Kids are smoking weed behind 281 Ave C every single night and they don’t live here! It is beautiful place to live but sometimes I wonder if the police took over instead of the public safety more would get done.

  3. Interesting that you would say the playgrounds are open “ONLY” open from 9:15 AM to Dusk. Those hours are beyond ridiculous, considering they are, and especially Playground #11, noise nuisances, being used by a very small percentage of the residents, and, they breed potentially, and actually, dangerous visitors and guests. The hours should be 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with strict monitoring of one quest per resident. Absolutely correct, this is a private, gated, residential community, that needs protection, that should be serene and quiet, and not cater to the few and the expense of the many. Turn Playground #11 into a community garden or plush lawn area, for engaging in things, like reading on sitting benches, board games, meditation, Chess, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.. Basketball, public exercising, screaming/yelling kids & teens, community dog walking, etc., should not be prioritized!!!

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