Kavanagh, Hoylman, Stringer all endorsing Powers

Keith Powers

Keith Powers

By Sabina Mollot


With the primary less than a week away, Council candidate Keith Powers got a major boost with the endorsements of the people he hopes to soon be working with: State Senator Brad Hoylman, Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh and Comptroller Scott Stringer. (So far Council Member Dan Garodnick has not announced an endorsement.)

“I am honored to have the support of four great leaders in the city,” said Powers. “All of them have well-earned reputations as strong reformers. They will be key partners in implementing our shared agenda of building affordable housing, improving city government, and strengthening our public schools.”

Stringer praised Powers for his progressive values, while Hoylman said he’d be a strong advocate for tenants. Kavanagh added that Powers has ideas for combating climate change and government reform.

“I know that he will be a strong partner of mine in the city on these important issues,” Kavanagh said.

Stringer added, “Keith will be a great addition to the City Council. I know that he will be an effective voice on day one.”

Councilwoman Jessica Lappin also endorsed Powers, saying she was impressed with Powers ideas’ to improve city government.

Overall, it’s been a big week for Powers who also got the nod from the New York Times and the Daily News.

Another candidate, Marti Speranza, this week announced endorsements from former Assembly Member Steven Sanders, the Amsterdam News and environmental group the Sierra Club.

Sanders, who served in the Assembly for 28 years, said Speranza has a “well-honed understanding of Manhattan politics and how to get things done.”

4 thoughts on “Kavanagh, Hoylman, Stringer all endorsing Powers

  1. Of course they are going to endorse him, he’s a professional lobbyist, and therefore already has relationships with these elected officials. It really puts the other candidates at a disadvantage.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like some of his ideas and think he could do a decent job if elected. I just continue to worry about his lobbyist past, and fear that he will just be more of the same old. Continuing to elect the same old is what got us to where we are today in terms of the extremely volatile political landscape.

    People need to educate themselves, and not just follow what other politicians, newspapers, unions, etc. are endorsing.

    • Not true, he launched a successful tenant purchase of PCVST… oh wait. He saved affordable housing in pcvst…. oh wait, is a lottery for $3k apartments affordable? He rezoned midtown… oh wait, as if the infrastructure and transportation aren’t already an issue in this area.

      I know, he did the work of REBNY. Yup, that’s it.

      • And Powers will do the same. He’s just another product of the machine (just like Dan and Stringer). Same day, different dog. Powers thinks reforming the commercial rent tax will save small business, too and does not support the SBJSA. Just cuz he lives in STPCV and has name recognition here is a bad reason to vote for someone. His lobbyist past doesn’t help (lots of developers in that portfolio and the Vallone aspect really stinks). Another REBNY puppet and another cog in their machine. Don’t think all his glossy flyers were done for free, do you?

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