Hoylman rescues injured bat

On Tuesday, State Senator Brad Hoylman met his battiest constituent yet.

By Sabina Mollot

On Primary Day, the scores of candidates on the ballot for citywide races briefly had their thunder stolen by an injured bat and its rescuer, State Senator Brad Hoylman.

Hoylman said he found the creature, which appeared to be in distress, near a tree pit on East 10th Street.

“I almost stepped on it,” confessed Hoylman, who’d been walking down the street with Bob Gormley, the chair of Community Board 2, at the time. But when looking down, “I saw this furry creature with wings. I’ve never seen anything like it so close.”

He could see it was still alive though, albeit struggling to right itself by flapping around. The copper-colored bat, Hoylman observed, had a wingspan of about seven inches, although the body was comparatively small. It also had, tiny razor sharp teeth, “so I made sure to stay away,” he added.

Concerned that the bat might expire under the hot sun, Hoylman and Gormley got a box from a nearby restaurant, gently scooped up the bat and put it inside. They then brought it to the Wild Bird Fund, which is headquartered on the Upper West Side.

Senator Hoylman scoops the bat into a box. (Photo via Brad Hoylman Twitter)

At the time Hoylman spoke with Town & Village about the incident, at around 4 p.m., it was about two hours after discovering the nocturnal critter, so he wasn’t yet sure about the status of its recovery. T&V reached out to the Wild Bird Fund, but has so far not heard back.

Bat sightings could be becoming more common in New York City, as suggested by a recent story on Gothamist. Hoylman said he didn’t know the reason for this, but guessed it could be seasonal. “It is getting near Halloween.”

In the case of the East Village bat, Hoylman’s theory is that it was somehow flushed out of a building where there’s major renovations going on.

Additionally, as Town & Village previously reported in May, an injured bat was discovered by a resident lying on the ground in Peter Cooper Village. After that bat, a female that appeared to be an Eastern red bat, was taken in and cared for by a wildlife rehabilitator, it was released in an East Village park.

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  2. Thank you. I don’t think any 10 out of 10 people would pick up an injured bat. Old wives’ tales and superstition have ruined the bat reputation, and truth to tell–they are very good guys.

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