UPDATED: Beth Israel community needs assessment survey open now through September 22

July10 Beth Israel in the distance

Beth Israel’s First Avenue building (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Mount Sinai, which has already begun the process of downsizing and relocating the Beth Israel Medical Center while creating a Mount Sinai downtown network, is seeking public input. The hospital network has put up an online community needs assessment survey, but it will only be open through September 20. A note on the website says it runs through today, but according to a representative for Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh, the date was extended.

UPDATE: The closing date has since been extended again to Friday, September 22.


The survey can be accessed through a link  and it is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The smaller Beth Israel with reduce its number of beds from over 800 to 220 (70 hospital beds, plus 150 behavioral health beds that will remain at its Bernstein Pavilion). It will be located on East 14th Street and Second Avenue with a focus on an outpatient model of healthcare and include an expansion of walk-in services.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Beth Israel community needs assessment survey open now through September 22

  1. I took the survey and consider it a waste of my time. The questions appeared to be designed to verify the decisions that Mt Sinai has already made. There were no questions that addressed the Community concerns, especially continuity of care for patients with existing BI Doctors. While they will still provide elective surgery (that used to be called same-day or ambulatory surgery) and emergency care, but their limited hospital beds in this neighborhood raise the question of what happens if that Care requires hospitalization? They have already moved maternity care uptown.

    My wife and I have several BI Doctors who haveknown us and treated us for years but have relocated to Mt Sinai uptown. Travel is a burden and, depending on traffic, can take up to 90 minutes. Even by cab. Yet we are held hostage by the value of continued from the same provider. What is the next practice that won’t be available here that will add to the inconvenience and deterioration of Medical Services in our neighborhood?

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