Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Appreciating NYC’s diverse history

Re: Recent coverage of statue controversy and T&V Politics & Tidbits columns

Dear Sirs:

I don’t just appreciate Steve Sanders’ columns in this newspaper, I’m often in awe of his clear, comprehensive essays. Those of the last two weeks were particularly compelling to me (Charlottesville and Normandy).

One side of my family is Dutch going back to the early 17th century. My uncle in this family was killed in the Battle of the Bulge (WWII).  I have his Purple Heart. We must be one of so very many American families who made a blood sacrifice to defeat Nazi power and ideology.

How could anyone condone marching along with the Nazi flag whether or not you are carrying it?  Is it so long since the end of WWII?

My grandparents gave this same uncle a middle name to honor their treasured neighbors. That middle name was Levy. I’m signing this with a 17C  spelling of my Dutch maiden name. Asser Levy was also here in the 17th century.

We don’t know if he was ancestor to my family’s neighbors….but maybe.

What we know is diversity started then at least in New Amsterdam.

Joyce Hooghtelingh Kent,
Gramercy Park

Real noisemaker is the playground

Re: Recent “Good Neighbor Reminder” from StuyTown property Services emailed to residents


“Good Neighbor Reminder” is a hypocritical lie and self-serving charade when they talk about being “mindful and considerate of neighbors,” because if they did actually care about our residents they would terminate the noises coming from outside of our apartments.

Most particularly, this relates to Playground #11, which generates illegal, erratic, abruptly continuous, and irritating noises, from 9 a.m. to dusk, due to screaming, cursing, basketball dribbling, loud volley ball playing, shouting and yelling from its participants.

It should be and must be immediately replaced with a community garden or plush lawn for quiet enjoyment, i.e. yoga, reading, meditation, tai chi, chess, board games, conversation, etc.

Stuart Levinson, ST

Raise a glass to retail blight survivors

It’s surprising to learn that there are so many vacant business spaces down in Alphabet City; I frequently walk home that way – and, guess what there’s plenty of: Taverns!

A bartender once said, “It’s recession-proof – when they are sad, they come in to drown their sorrows; when they are joyous, they come in to celebrate!”

P.S. Nice to see Sal Anthony’s is back.

Charles O’Connor, ST


3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

  1. I think Mr Levinson needs to move. Seriously, why does T&V continue to print his ridiculous letters about playground 11? I played in playground 11 growing up, my kids played in playground 11 growing up, and my grandkids play in playground 11 now.

    I don’t agree with Rick on pretty much anything he has done since taking over, but I completely agree with him ignoring your requests to change playground 11 to a community garden. I also applaud him for his patience, because you are probably contacting him daily about this.

    Sorry Stuart, almost all windows on this property face a loud playground with sports being played or little children screaming. These playgrounds are what makes this community what it is. You take them away, and it’s no longer a community, just 11,250 individual apartments.

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