Editorial: The registered Dems have spoken

Congratulations, Keith Powers and Carlina Rivera.

Following, for some candidates, what had been well over a year in campaigning, the primary race for two open City Council seats has come and gone with Peter Cooper resident Keith Powers and Lower East Sider Carlina Rivera winning in crowded fields. In Manhattan, winners of the Democratic primary are unofficially crowned winners of the election. However, there is still a general election where Powers and Rivera will be facing off against Republicans Rebecca Harary and Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan, respectively.

Still, we congratulate the two primary victors – and their opponents because it was a hard-fought race with only a few vanity candidates cluttering things and relatively little controversy. That said, if those who’ll be on the ballots in November are wise then they should understand that the work of Districts 2 and 4 are already on their shoulders and the time to get organized is now, still a few months before their predecessors are forced out of their offices due to term limits.

If they’re interested, they can find a cheat sheet where voters have issued their demands. Remaining candidates — you’re welcome. Additionally, to those candidates as well as those who didn’t make it past the primary, thank you for running and giving voters real choice. After the ugly presidential race and election we all lived through, it was a breath of fresh air New Yorkers needed.

Bat’s all, folks

Moving on to other important, local matters, as we humans continue to destroy everything in our wake, this will mean more and more encounters with wildlife, animals just looking for somewhere to go. In these parts, visitors have included coyotes and bats. Based on an incident this week in the East Village as well as  another back in May in Peter Cooper, bat sightings may be on the rise.

However, Manhattan probably isn’t the most hospitable environment due to an endless supply of windows to fly into. Additionally, if you’re seeing a bat, it is probably because the creature is injured or dead.

If you see a bat, please take it to the Wild Bird Fund as State Senator Brad Hoylman did on Tuesday. The fund is located at 565 Columbus Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets and can be reached at (646) 306-2862.

One thought on “Editorial: The registered Dems have spoken

  1. Not to take anything away from either victor, because I believe they would have won regardless, but turnout was horrible. Actually it was disgraceful. People like to complain about candidates, but when push comes to shove, they don’t show up to the polls.

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