Muggers mace delivery man in ST

Stuy Town

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police are looking for two men involved in the robbery of a delivery man inside the vestibule at 287 Avenue C in Stuyvesant Town last Sunday night around 6 p.m., in which the victim was sprayed with mace and may have broken his ankle.

Deputy Inspector Brendan Timoney said at the 13th Precinct Community Council meeting on Tuesday evening that the suspects attacked the delivery man in the building’s vestibule as he was leaving.

They reportedly identified themselves as police officers and when the victim ignored them and initially tried walking away, one of the suspects sprayed mace in his face. In the ensuing scuffle, the victim fell and police said that he injured his ankle, possible breaking it.

The pair got away with the delivery man’s backpack, but the bag didn’t have any valuables in it.

Timoney noted that the suspects may have believed that the delivery person was a rival drug dealer.

Timoney said that the two men were driving a black BMW and had followed the delivery man to Avenue C from a different location, and they are also suspected in previous robberies taking place in the East Village.

Stuyvesant Town Property Services did not return a request for comment by Town & Village’s press time.

4 thoughts on “Muggers mace delivery man in ST

  1. Maybe the new head of security (Former PO Martin) can get things in order here, because crime is out of control. If you look at the Citizen app, you will see the reality of how things are, not the false management narrative. The security monitors are not a preventative measure, so we need a proactive security force, not a reactive force.

  2. The police think the assailant was mistaken for a rival drug dealer. That must mean that drug dealers have customers in that building. Not the people the food was being delivered to, of course, but somewhere in the building.

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