Editorial: Rage against the Democratic machine

Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh, who recently announced his intention to run for a downtown State Senate seat, just got a big boost this week with the support of the Brooklyn Democratic Party and the Manhattan Party bosses, the mayor, the governor and other elected officials. This was all in lieu of a primary since State Senator Daniel Squadron’s sudden withdrawal from public office ensured there would be no opportunity for one.

Naturally, this process has been widely blasted as being a shady “backroom” deal, for giving too much power to party bosses and allowing Squadron to handpick a successor. We have to say; we couldn’t agree more. Such blatant cronyism reeks of Tammany politics. Along with cheating voters and Kavanagh’s opponent, District Leader Paul Newell, it has also got to sting a little to the dozens of candidates who just went through the grueling process of campaigning for open and vulnerable City Council seats.

What’s also unfortunate about this situation is that it cheapens Kavanagh’s victory despite all the support he has received. As an elected official in Albany for over a decade, he’s earned a reputation as a reformer. In a primary we think he would have had a good shot at winning, especially with the endorsements he got.

We hope Kavanagh, who’s pushed for election reform in Albany, will continue to do so, including by ending situations like this where candidates are privately picked due to election law loopholes instead of by the will of the people.

The Dog Days are here again

This week, Town & Village is proud to publish an issue focusing on dogs and animals. Normally, we would do an annual “Dog Days of Summer” issue in, well, the summer. However, for the past couple of months, the spotlight was clearly on the local primary races for City Council, so it seemed to make more sense to publish this issue once that ended. And what better time than National Dog Week (running September 19-25)? We hope you enjoy the issue and welcome questions, feedback as well as suggestions for future animal-related coverage.



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