Dog owners say lack of open space biggest challenge

By Maya Rader

At a recent Dog Days event in Stuyvesant Town, Town & Village asked several of those in attendance what their biggest concern or challenge is as dog owners in New York City, as well as in ST/PCV. In a rare instance, the answers from all were unanimous: The biggest challenge was finding open space for dogs to play.

Photos by Maya Rader

“Finding a good place, especially with grass, for dogs to hang out and go to the bathroom. I think it’s even more evident in this area, because there are so many restrictions on where you can have dogs. Like you can’t walk them on any grass, which is a big thing. That’s probably the biggest. It would be nice if they had a good dog park here.”

Kelly Garber with Riley

“Finding a wide open place for dogs to run. If you don’t live near Central Park and you don’t get to Central Park before 9 in the morning, it’s really hard for dogs to just run and get all of their energy out, even in small dog parks. I would say of the two dog parks that are close by, Stuyvesant Square and Tompkins Square Park, Tompkins Square Park is crowded and dirty, and you feel like you need to give your dog a bath every time you go there. And Stuyvesant Square is all concrete and really kind of chews up their paws. So it’s hard to find a good place, like it would be nice to have a grassy place, or something with hard dirt or clay where they could run, not really hurt their paws but get some energy out.”

Adam Fletcher who has a dog named Coconut

“Finding outdoor space where they can run. And especially natural surfaces, so like places with grass, where they can run. I think this is a really easy place to own a dog actually, because it’s really dog-friendly and everybody has dogs so everybody understands. Nobody gets funny with you, there’s never a problem.”

Louise O’Neill with her dog Arnold

“The most challenging thing I guess is finding space to run around. We’re looking for a dog beach right now for him to go to. A lot of dog parks don’t have proper flooring. A lot of concrete, a lot of pebbles. I would like if there was actually grass. I think that’s the biggest challenge. They’re (Peter Cooper/Stuy Town) putting up new rules. So far, everyone seems to be really friendly with dogs. It’s very dog-friendly here. It’s a good, dog-friendly area.”

Nishant Varguese with dog Jimmy Carter

5 thoughts on “Dog owners say lack of open space biggest challenge

  1. Spaces for dogs to run? That would be the suburbs or the country. The crowded City wasn’t built for dogs. In fact, how much room do these four-legged friends get in an apartment? Seems selfish of their humans to house them this way.

  2. It would not be nice to have a dog park here. Too lazy to walk your dog(s) to a public park where they belong? I love dogs, had them growing up , but your arrogance is palpable and totally selfish. PCV/ST IS FOR PEOPLE… for their comfort and quiet enjoyment. I am glad there are not more open areas for your pets to piss on and defacate on at your leisure. Take your dogs to the FDR park areas!!!

    • Unless you live near it. Imagine the lawsuits and the rent rebates that would need to be calculated for those in the affected buildings. It’s a major money loser for the landlord. No good can come from it.

  3. I DO live near it. Wish it was a full time run. The once-every-two-weeks version is nice but not enough. Don’t mind living near it AT ALL.

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