Letters to the editor, Sept. 28

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Thank you, William McClellan

Re: “Stuy Town gets new public safety chief,” T&V. Sept. 21

To whom it may concern:

Having recently received notification of the change in leadership of the head of Public Safety in our community, I should like to take this opportunity to thank William F. McClellan for keeping me safe for the many years that he has been head of Public Safety.

Though I have been here going on 47 years, fortunately I have had few incidents when I needed Public Safety. In each case, under Mr. McClellan’s leadership I have been safely protected. Once when I was coming out the back door or my garage on Avenue C, a giant man lunged at me as I was starting out. I quickly slammed the door and called Public Safety. Someone immediately came, almost within seconds, to protect me. On another occasion, some inspector came to my door uninvited by me and unannounced. He wanted to come into my apartment. He showed me a badge but it could have been fake so I refused and told him to stay put and I would call Public Safety to come and escort him inside. Very quickly, a Public Safety Officer was sent and the inspector was for real but he stopped in my dining area as he saw that nothing illegal was going on in my apartment. I for sure felt safer letting someone in my apartment with a Public Safety officer at my side.

On an occasion when I was bad, I put up a nasty note on the laundry room doors and also on each floor demanding that the laundry carts be returned that had been missing for weeks. There used to be 10 carts that serviced two buildings which slowly dwindled to none!

I was scolded for my outrageous note but Mr. McClellan saw that new laundry carts were placed in our laundry room. I promised to  behave in the future!

There are other occasions when I turned to Mr. McClellan for help and he never let me down. When tenants were offered the opportunity to take self-defense classes, Mr. McClellan saw that I was attending one of the sessions and contacted me to see if I thought it was beneficial. I certainly did learn a great deal and I also learned the same people who were training us tenants had trained our Public Safety officers.

Though the credentials of the woman taking Mr. McClellan’s place are impeccable, Mr. McClellan’s credentials were equally impeccable. I for one am very grateful that management hired and kept Mr. McClellan for the many years he served us and though I do not have his personal address, I hope someone forwards this letter to him and I encourage our community to thank him for keeping us safe these many years.

Kay Vota, ST

Dem Party politics haven’t changed

Re: “Kavanagh gets Dems’ nod for Senate in backroom deal,” T&V, Sept. 21

I ran into a political insider in the subway. I said that I was glad that the county leaders preferred Brian Kavanagh over Paul Newell for Marty Connors’ old seat.

I’d met Newell once years ago at the Pathmark. He was running a primary against then Speaker Silver.

He was shrill when I told him that my grandfather had been Democratic Assembly leader years ago, screaming that the legislature is dysfunctional.

Said the insider, but Newell came out of committee.  So I asked him to name a time in New York County Democratic politics when one primary candidate was the district’s male leader and another the district’s female leader. I’d stumped the insider. So to those “leaders” we added Silver’s candidate, Cancel, and Flushing Assemblyman Kim’s candidate, Niou. Voila, the seat shuttles back and forth to Queens!  That’s why, I said, the New York and Kings County Leaders stepped in and blocked Newell.

But it was T&V’s story ending about the Senate seat that jolted me. It was also reported that former Council Member — and failed Comptroller candidate — David Yassky,  now dean of Pace Law School, vied for the Senate seat. Why would anyone jump a tight ship for our so called dysfunctional state legislature unless they were being pushed?

Billy Sternberg, ST

Climate changes but not much else

Sandy… Houston… Miami… Of the above storms, no one can say definitively that global warming was either the main or significant cause.

However, since all were extreme weather events one can say with certainty that since 1950 the number of such disastrous events has increased five-fold. For this reason, one would suspect that the cause is due to this enormous increase in the emission of carbon dioxide from the use of fossil fuels.So, almost 100 percent of scientists have come to this conclusion. However, the Trump administration as well as most of the GOPers are well financed by the Koch brothers… And, the lobbyists are providing monies to many members of the Republican Congress – really a bribe.

David Chowes, PCV

Letter to the squirrel hater

Re: “Squirrel scratches kid in ST,” T&V, Sept. 14

Mollot, Mollot, Mollot, why do you hate black squirrels so much? Do you know that black lives matter, too? Do you hate black and brown people too? This week is Rosh Hashanah. Please try to live a good life. Don’t be a hater like Trump.

J. Stevin


4 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Sept. 28

  1. I too liked Chief McClellan. Unfortunately it was pretty clear that his hands were tied by the various owners of this property during his tenure. During his time in charge I felt less safe on the property, but I know many of the guards and they would tell me the barking orders from above Chief McClellan to cut back on number of staff and the amount of foot patrol. He did the best he could with limited resources and management that didn’t let him do his job.

  2. “However, since all were extreme weather events one can say with certainty that since 1950 the number of such disastrous events has increased five-fold.”

    Where’s your proof? That is just not an accurate statement. More fake news!

  3. Chief McClellan, like SPS, Rick Heyduk, Blackstone and the PCVST TA, was a failure here. Good riddance. Not that there is any reason to believe the new boss will be any better. As Springsteen said…”meet the new boss, same as the old boss…”

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