Mendez mulling a run for Kavanagh’s Assembly seat

Councilmember Rosie Mendez (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

With Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh having recently secured the party support he needed to secure the Democratic nomination for Daniel Squadron’s downtown seat, term-limited Council Member Rosie Mendez said she’s looking into the possibility of running for Kavanagh’s Assembly seat.

Prior to the primary for City Council and other citywide races, Mendez said she hadn’t had time to focus on the race. But now, she said, she can.

“It’s something I will look into now that we are through with the primary,” she said on Sunday afternoon, after the unveiling of Children’s Court Way street co-naming in Gramercy.

In September, Kavanagh secured the nod to get on the ballot through support of Brooklyn and Manhattan party bosses, rather than individual county committee members having their votes counted — or even getting to vote at all in Brooklyn, which makes up part of the Senate district. This strong-arm tactic, while criticized by more than a few people, was the legal alternative to a primary, which Squadron’s hasty departure from the legislature left no time for.

Asked for her thoughts on the procedure, Mendez half-heartedly defended it.

“Is it the preferred practice? No,” she said. “We’d prefer to be able have a vote where people individually cast a vote. However, it is a Democratic process.”

She added that she disliked the term “boss” in reference to party chairs. “In some boroughs you can say there’s a boss but in Manhattan they’re more reform.”

Mendez also noted that in 2006, Kavanagh’s predecessor Sylvia Friedman was elected to the Assembly via a county committee vote before losing to Kavanagh in a general election nine months later, as was Congress Member Jerry Nadler.

“Jerry Nadler is a much beloved congress member so sometimes it can work out,” said Mendez, “and if the public is not happy there is an election that comes up shortly after that.”

Last month, term-limited Council Member Dan Garodnick told T&V he had no plan to run for Assembly, explaining he’d find some other way to serve the city.

2 thoughts on “Mendez mulling a run for Kavanagh’s Assembly seat

  1. Since she is already a big part of the corruption in the democratic party, this makes perfect sense (if you believe in and support corruption, like democrats in NYC do).

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