Letters to the editor, Oct. 26

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Enough from the squirrels’ PR people

It takes a lot for me to pen a letter on any topic since I have an opinion on almost every subject, but when things get personal, I feel the need to speak out. Of all the topics I now feel the need to speak out about, squirrels were not at the top of my list. When people write letters to the editor describing children attacking wildlife (Ms. Antini), or accuse tenants of spreading false statements of squirrel attacks and rummaging through garbage cans (Mr. Paslayan), or saying that squirrels are not aggressive (Ms. Turchin), I have to counter those arguments. Especially since my son is a friend of that little girl who was scratched (“Squirrel scratches kid in ST,” T&V, Sept. 14) so I can bear witness to this firsthand.

As a lifelong resident of over 50 years in Stuy Town and now raising two very young children here, I am constantly in the playgrounds and because of this I am witness to squirrels not only rummaging through garbage cans (picture included), but also going in and out of people’s strollers seeking and stealing food.

These wild animals that are part of our natural habit have been conditioned by those of you who feel the need to feed them. Now they fear no one or no thing and instead menace the kids in the playgrounds. If you consider these animals to indeed be wild, then there is no need to feed them as they have survived long before you or I were around, and they survive in all other areas of the city in other parks relying on what nature provides for them.

My kids are indeed raised to “respect wildlife,” and they do, and I find this to be offensive to place all kids in one category for the offenses of a few. If the wildlife presents a threat to my children, then maybe we need to alter how we deal with them. You might also stroll by some of the children’s playgrounds to witness some of these squirrels in action. Although these days, you might not see some of the scavenging in garbage cans as management has replaced the old garbage cans with new ones that have lids. Thank you PCV/ST management for hearing our concerns.

Brian P. Loesch, ST

Powers was always a fighter for tenants’ rights

To Town & Village:

Keith Powers, the Democratic candidate for city council, has spent much of his life work working to preserve affordable housing, including organizing tenants at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village to fight back against the predatory practices of the sharks who have tried to destroy it over the last decade. He has developed exciting new ideas to protect and expand affordable housing (at keithpowers.nyc).

When the Tenants PAC board interviewed candidates for this seat this last summer, several of whom were also impressive, Keith stood out for the energy and creativity he brought to the discussion. That is why we endorsed him in the primary, and in the general election on Nov. 7. If he is able to enact only a few of his ideas into existence, the city will be much better off in terms of affordability. Other candidates should talk about the issues affecting the district.

Michael McKee,
Treasurer, Tenants Political Action Committee

Needing relief from neighbors’ nicotine

“Second hand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including 70 that are known to cause cancer” (NYC Health). A startling statistic that the occupants of my floor in Peter Cooper are living with every single day.

We now have two tenants that are literally killing us with the secondhand smoke in the hallway and what overflows into our apartments.

I realize that STPCV leases allow tenants to smoke in their apartments, but the health impact on those people who live adjacent to smokers is very serious.

Perhaps management should consider protecting all of their tenants in regard to quality of life and seek a solution like installing commercial air purifiers in the hallways?

Nancy Fuller, PCV

11 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Oct. 26

  1. Lived in Stuyvesant Town for 36 years. Never have I nor my family experienced this. Squirrels if left alone do not attack and never rummage in garbage. They are much too well fed by the residents.

    • That is crap, and you know it. Walk past 10 garbage cans in PCVST at anytime and you will find squirrels in most of them (as the picture shows). Had a squirrel come on the bench right next to me today while eating a snack and it took a lot to get it away.

      Have lived here for 53 years, and it’s the norm.

      • I had one in my apartment about 50 years ago….as a child I found it to be hysterical. I don’t think my mother agreed….just thinking about it makes me laugh.

        • Hah… I know someone who ended up with a pigeon in their kitchen. It didn’t turn out well, as they weren’t home and the bird couldn’t get out, and pooped everywhere!

  2. Brian Loesch is very petty…Who really cares about his opinion? To the good people in Stuy Town please continue feeding the squirrels, they really need us.

  3. The squirrels in PCV/Stuy Town are not longer wild. They were forced to live in a city/urban environment and they have nothing to eat because they don’t live in the forest. The only food the squirrels eat here is what the people feed them.

    • That is 100% false. Check out our trees, and what grows on them. Any nature specialist out there to confirm that this gentleman is wrong??

        • I’m not even sure what to make of this comment, and what is has to do with what I said. Oh, and I do very very well in my real job, thank you.

          I can’t help but feel bad for people who have to resort to personal attacks on internet discussion boards. If you want to argue what I have to say, great, that’s what this is here for, but personal attacks discredit all you have to say.

  4. Your comments are cheap, not you. You’re always looking for your one minute of fame with your dumb replies. This was not a personal attack. We have more urgent worries in NYC than squirrels: a corrupt mayor, corrupt state gov’t, corrupt city council, illegals MCIs , homeless people,illegal aliens, crime, murders, terrorist attacks, etc,etc and etc. For your information,there is a caucasian elderly lady in Stuy Town that looks inside the garbage cans looking for food, exactly as the squirrels and birds do. Why don’t you try to help this lady??? Maybe it may make you feel good and complain less. Please live and let live.

    • I completely agree with the things you said in this post about bigger things to worry about, and I think the squirrels are a great and unique part of our community. The only thing I don’t agree with is that they have no natural food sources here, because they do. They are just accustomed to us feeding them, so that is now their norm.

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