Letters to the Editor, November 9

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One man’s trash…

Dear Editor,

This is a reference to Brian Loesch’s letter to the newspaper (“Enough from the squirrels’ PR people,” T&V, Oct. 26).

His letter is very full of nonsense. All over New York City, squirrels seek food in garbage cans. This does not only occur in Stuy Town. Where are the squirrels supposed to go – to McDonald’s? If Mr. Loesch does not like it here, he can move out of the complex and let some poor family move in. I hope that he does no harm to the squirrels.


Maureen Kaine

Thanks for the wake-up call

Not sure what is going on but at this time of the night (3 a.m.). I am hearing intermittent back-up alarms. When I get up all I can see from my home is a flashing light on the backhoe in the construction site on Avenue C and East 13th street. Is the guard practicing operating it at this time of night?

Last night Con Ed had a delivery at 4 in the morning. With all of the structures they have built on the south side of the street, it is difficult for these tankers to maneuver and the back and forth of their trying to get into the docks is quite annoying at that time of the night.

Is it really necessary for such deliveries at that time?

Does this neighborhood need to be continuously subjected to this noise pollution?

Sherman Sussman, ST


One thought on “Letters to the Editor, November 9

  1. Thank you, Sherman, for your words of logical awareness and wisdom. Even in NYC there is no excuse or rationale for undue, “unreasonable and sustained” noise effecting PCV/ST tenants, whether from the street, from Playground #11, from construction, from vehicles, from back-up beeping, from maintenance workers, from Residents, etc.. Please call Rick Hayduk, General Manager, at 212 598-5288, and Carlos Perez, Sr. Manager, Resident Relations, at 212 614 5820, to regularly complain, and ask all others to do the same. It is a quality of life issue, and, we shall overcome.

    Stuart Levinson

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