Letters to the editor, Nov. 16

Remembering to be thankful

Dear Editor,

During this Thanksgiving time, we at Garage 2 are fortunate to have our local poet, Yves, to remind us of the abundance of our lives.

Especially at this time, when so many of our fellow Americans fall victim to the hands of those who use gun violence, family and domestic abuse and violence, it is so crucial that we report anyone we see as vulnerable to mental illness who needs treatment and who could be a danger to him/herself or others. We are all connected. The armed service severely dropped the ball. Let none of us live with that regret.

Instead, let us follow Yves’ advice and be grateful for our abundance.

Bel-Michelle DeMille, ST

The following poem by garage attendant Yves Desrameaux was posted on a flyer at Stuy Town’s Garage 2.

Thanksgiving = Gratitudes
The Pilgrims hosted the first feast
However, today almost every
American gets a piece of the turkey
Not only to celebrate, but also to share
Kindness to everyone around
Specifically for the very needy.
Gratitude, joy and understanding
In commemoration of its significance
Via food drinks, gifts and games.
Indeed floats and family reunions
Nevertheless, a simple gathering.
Giving thanks remains the true spirit of that holiday!

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