Opinion: The death of honor

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

It was on life support…honor in government, that is. But the President pulled the plug last week.

So many cases of political corruption and personal misdeeds by our elected officials in the past number of years. Greed, lying and sexual indiscretions had become so prevalent that the public was nearly numbed by it and almost accepting such behavior as a new norm.

But with the cascading revelations and accusations against powerful men (and some women) engaging in sexual abuse and intimidation towards their underlings and others, there was a national consensus building that such behavior is simply beyond the bounds of decency or acceptance, until President Trump weighed in.

With the precipitous downfall of such important and famous persons as Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein and most recently Charlie Rose, as well as Senator Al Franken and others in Congress, it appeared that America had reached a watershed moment where such sexual abuse could not and would not be tolerated, no matter what or who. But then the President of the United States declared that politics was more important than the abuse of women or even minors.

That’s right, Donald Trump who himself stands accused of improper conduct by over a dozen women, whom he calls liars and losers, last week asserted that it was preferable for voters in Alabama to elect an alleged Republican pedophile than to vote for any Democrat. Most rational people regardless of party affiliation including the three leading newspapers in Alabama say that they believe the women who have accused Senate candidate Roy Moore of vulgar touching and unwanted aggressive sexual advances towards young girls and even one who was fourteen years old. But Trump supporters including the Alabama governor say they will vote for Roy Moore on December 12. Astonishing!

This American President who has sworn an oath “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” to stand for justice and be a role model for our youth has chosen to side with Mr. Moore because he does not like the politics of his opponent.

But perhaps we should not be surprised. After all this is the same man who by his own words bragged about groping women because “celebrities can.” And of course this is the same man who could find no difference between white supremacists and Neo Nazis espousing their twisted ideologies in Charlottesville with those who opposed them. This is the man who denigrates the appearance of female political opponents and calls them by derogatory names and mocks a disabled reporter.

Once again Donald Trump is sending a clear message that the nefarious actions from generations gone by when white men suppressed minorities and objectified women is fine with him. So while much of the rest of the country is turning the page and will no longer be silent or tolerate such behavior, the leader of our nation sides with America’s past as well as his own.

There is no honor in this administration, just the politics and proclivities of one man who defends only himself.


7 thoughts on “Opinion: The death of honor

  1. What an absolute load of bollocks. Twisted nasty rubbish. This too from a Democrat/ communist who’s own president Clinton brought dishonor and ridicule to the office of president. A sleazeball. From what I can see this judge moore is being attacked because if he gets in Trumps campaign promises will be easier to get through. The reason why 60 odd million voted for him. I say voted because it wasn’t some military coup it was a fair and square election despite the democrats cheating and lying. So Steve you’d sooner have Hilary eh? Further gut the nation, sell out, enrich herself and allow communists like you to perpetuate the divide and conquer identity politics the democrats employ. One year in and you know what? There’s a huge amount of americans now want the president to get on with the job. The election is over. Be american and grow up or is that an oxymoron?

    • Exactly! How quickly these people forget Bill, and the following hell that his exploits faced from a condescending Hillary. By no means do I believe Trump is an innocent bystander in all of this, but the actions of Democrats are just as bad and letters like this make it obvious that Democrats forget when their own are just as disgusting. This article could easily be written exactly the same about the Clinton family.

  2. Yo Nick Stop showing your a$$. Soon we will get Trump out of office before he destroys our national parks, our water and the air that we breath.

    • Only seven more years of President Trump then 8 years of President Pence. I hear the middle east has lots of rentals available.

  3. Save your breath Nick. This guy’s head is sooo far up his arse nothing gets in but his own stink. Just ignore him like everyone else.

  4. Steve, the accusations against judge Moore were curiously timed. 40 years after the fact after he had run in numerous elections. He denies the charges and in America we do have a tradition of innocent until proved guilty. Almost all of the other people you mention (and some that you don’t) that have been accused are fairly recent accusations. Most of the people accused have admitted guilt or have paid money to settle claims without admitting guilt. Moore has not. He has never had these accusations before, as many of the other had accusations by innuendo or rumor for years. Maybe if you actually read past the screaming headlines you would know that everything being said is not the total truth. There are 2 women who “claim” some sort of impropriety by the Judge. Others claim to have dated him and most of those claim he acted as a gentleman and even met their mothers. Back in the 70’s in Alabama it was not uncommon for a man to date and marry younger women. The two troubling cases are a departure from the way the others describe him. are a departure from the memories of most people who knew him at the time and are 40 years old recollections of people that have had troubled pasts. Call for an ethics investigation if needed, but give a many elected and judged by the people of his home state some respect. It would be better if you looked closer to home when looking for corruption. In a local paper why not talk about some of the troubling reports of the current Mayor, or the failures of many of the local institutions.

    • Don, I do not disagree with anything you say, and I respect what you have to say more than I do of Sanders.

      I want it to be known that I refuse to read Sanders’s articles because they are always the same hateful Democrat v. Republican diatribe that only works to divide our country further. There really is no place for this in a local paper, but T&V continues to print it, and as long as they do I will be here to share my opinion of this divisive former politician.

      And as bad as I think things are in DC as a whole, they are 1,000 times worse with our mayor and city council.

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